Halo's Master Chief Now On Nintendo Switch, Thanks To Minecraft

Skin Pack 1 makes its way to new platforms.


In a crossover that might have seemed incredibly unlikely in the past, Xbox's most well-known character, Master Chief, can now appear on your Nintendo system's screen. Thanks to the arrival of a new DLC pack for the Switch and Wii U versions of Minecraft, skins from Xbox-exclusive game series like Halo, Gears of War, and Fable are now available.

Minecraft developer Mojang, which is owned by Microsoft, announced last year that it was "still working on" bringing custom skins to the console versions of Minecraft. It's now made good on that promise, announcing that Skin Pack 1 and a new DLC skin pack themed around Moana release today for both the Switch and Wii U versions, as well as those available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile. Notably, the PlayStation versions are absent from that list.

Skin Pack 1, which is priced at $2 / £1.59 / AU $ 2.65 on Xbox 360, consists of skins based on Halo (including Master Chief and the grunt), various Fable characters (such as Jack of Blades), Banjo, 'Splosion Man, and Gears of War's Cole Train. You can see these and the Moana skins in the gallery below.

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This is obviously most notable for the presence of Xbox-exclusive IP on Nintendo's systems, but it could also pave the way for the Better Together update to make its way to Switch. As it stands, the new cross-platform multiplayer support introduced to Minecraft last year is not yet available on Switch. The same is also true of PS4, PS3, and Vita, though Microsoft is still interested in making Xbox One/PS4 cross-play happen.

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