Halo's 15-Year Anniversary Video Teases More to Come

"I think we're just getting started."


Microsoft's Halo franchise launched 15 years ago today, on November 15, 2001. The Bungie-developed sci-fi shooter was one of the launch titles for original Xbox and it remains one of gaming's biggest names. To celebrate the anniversary, Microsoft today put out a Halo tribute video--take a look:

Narrated by Master Chief, the video teases that there is much more in store for the Halo series in the future. "I think we're just getting started," Chief says.

There have been five installments in the core Halo series to date, the newest of which was October 2015's Halo 5: Guardians. Halo 6 is in development now but has not been officially announced.

Halo developer 343 Industries will hold a Halo anniversary livestream event today, starting at 3:43 PM. During the stream, developers will show off a new Halo 5 15th anniversary Req pack and take viewers on a stroll through the Halo Museum at the developer's offices. See the full rundown of events here.

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