Halo writer joins Amazon

Prolific novelist and 13-year Microsoft veteran Eric Nylund now director of narrative design at Amazon Game Studios.


Halo novelist Eric Nylund has joined Amazon Game Studios as its director of narrative design, according to his updated LinkedIn profile page.

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Nylund spent 13 years at Microsoft Game Studios as its director of narrative design. At that post, he led a team of producers and designers in creating stories for the company's stable of franchises.

He is also the author of numerous Halo novels, including Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: First Strike, among others.

It is not clear what Nylund is working on at Amazon. A Facebook post captured by CouchCampus quotes Nylund as saying, "I can't talk about specifics, but I wouldn't be there unless something cool was brewing."

Sources told Game Informer last week that Amazon is working on an Android-powered console, aiming to release the device by the end of 2013.

An Amazon representative was not immediately available to comment.

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Avatar image for AllForJMJ

Master Chief is gonna be an Amazon spokesperson now. "I ordered my heavy battle armor from Amazon. I got free shipping with my Prime membership, and it only took two days to arrive!"

Avatar image for DIGN

What did Ouya do to deserve all this competition? All they wanted to do was make a home android based console that's dedicated to games. It was a good and original idea.

The small chance the Ouya had to succeed is now gone.

Avatar image for brothersinarmsb

Halo: The Fall of Reach amazing book.

Avatar image for Mkeegs79

Amazon has took on Apple and Samsung with the Kindle Fire. The show a lot of guts with that and now going against Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in the gaming sphere. I think what they will do though is more niche than anything. I can see it being more popular than the Ouya.

Amazon is my favorite place to show online and over any retailers but I wasn't interested in their tablets and won't be with their consoles. PS4 and XB1 FTW!

Avatar image for MysteryJ0ker

Yeah.... every big corporation wanting to cash in on the growing gaming market... Because that never lead to a video game crash before, right? Oh wait....

Avatar image for Bahamut50

@MysteryJ0ker Yeah, except back then, we had only, only, oooooooooooonly shit games with like the odd gem. i find tons of games i enjoy nowadays. If amazon crashes and burns as hard as e.t, i doubt i'll care either way, and neither will most people.

Avatar image for bouchart

Amazon, a company that desperately aims for revenue growth even as earnings decline. Not surprised to see they have a game studio, since they just flail around trying everything. Hell, they'll probably get into the newspaper delivery business since Bezos bought the Washington Post.

Avatar image for Imperiusmax

Halo Fall of Reach was what turned me into a Halo fan.

Avatar image for pengouin360

The fall of reach book was amazing, he wrote such a epic story, loved the halo universe ever since

Avatar image for BadMrSnake

Halo is a great game! Move 20 feet, shoot bad guys, move 20 feet shoot bad guys...

Avatar image for MysteryJ0ker


Awww... look! He's new to FPS games!

Avatar image for blue_shift_91


good job! you figured out what makes a first person shooter.

*pat on the back*

Avatar image for WilliamChase

great writer, hope he will be behind some great new titles.


Battlefield 3 Glitches

Avatar image for ShadowsDemon

He's a great writer. His books had too much military jargon for my taste, and I prefer the latest novels, but they were still awesome books.

Avatar image for 19James89

Amazon has a gaming studio?

Avatar image for BlendThree

@19James89 @hadlee73 I was thinking/ wondering the same thing. Seems like Nylund would be beyond writing material for Android games but I suppose money talks in these turbulent economic times. I've read a few of his Halo books and couldn't really get into them but an interesting news clip just the same

Avatar image for Mkeegs79

@BlendThree @19James89 @hadlee73 I highly doubt the economy is effecting him.

Avatar image for hadlee73

@19James89 To go along with their upcoming Android console, I suppose.

Avatar image for ghost590

i want him to give me tips. i want to write amazing stories

Avatar image for D1N02982

Cool I read Ghosts of Onyx and I really enjoyed it! He's a great author.

Avatar image for SharpBlades3

Jesus christ, I hope amazon doesn't let him anywhere *near* the marketing dept.

Avatar image for jayjay444

Anyone who says Halo has no story or has a shit story has never read the books or played a Halo game, trolls are everywhere.

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

@jayjay444 I've never read the books, but I found the story in the original to be quite fascinating, I don't know if the awe of the sci fi elements became dumbed down as the series progressed, but I had no idea they were based off books, or that books were even written.

I always thought halo to be shit, but liked the sci fi story, I'll check the books out.

Avatar image for Fitcherman

His Halo books were outstanding, much better than recent ones.

Avatar image for SRTBASH

Those two books were amazing!

Avatar image for thekingofirony

Amazons working on a console now?here comes the video crash again.there are way too many people making video games and consoles that the bubble will burst.

Avatar image for BlendThree

@thekingofirony Agreed- they're flooding the market now. Having 10 Android consoles is only going to confuse the average consumer.

Avatar image for Hiddai

@thekingofirony ha! i bet it's another "Ouya" project-like. FAILURE

Avatar image for freedom01

I never knew Amazon had a game studio

Avatar image for jrcast84

@freedom01 They want to get in to the console wars so it makes sense.

Avatar image for freedom01

@jrcast84 @freedom01 I think the only ones they would be challenging would be the OUYA since the new "console" they are making is supposed to play android games if I remember correctly.

Avatar image for jrcast84

@freedom01 @jrcast84 True.

Avatar image for instigator81

@freedom01 I don't think they did either.

Avatar image for blutosan

Amazon Game Studios?

Avatar image for sgrmbagamespot

@blutosan they have had one for quite a while now. Well rated games in their app store too.

Avatar image for instigator81

Come on Eddie. You need something better than this for troll bait for the weekend.

Avatar image for chronocommander

Getting pigeonholed into writing only one story for the rest of your life due to corporate greed rather than actual vision for the series or going for new opportunities in a blank-slate (but still large) company. It's a no-brainer when seen like this but I dunno about his personal circumstances, such a long tenure in a position like that could only end with some very good reasons.

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