Halo Waypoint details mapped out, Career mode revealed

Microsoft details Xbox Live's forthcoming all-Halo channel, reveals achievement-collating recognition system and awards.


Because sometimes achievements aren't enough.
Because sometimes achievements aren't enough.

Three months after Halo Waypoint's existence was revealed, Microsoft has released the first screens and video of it in action. Initially billed as "a new destination for Halo fans on Xbox Live," the channel for the Xbox 360's online service is exactly that, serving up exclusive content and collating players' achievements across all Halo games.

As outlined in the video below, Halo Waypoint will feature a section called Intel, which includes bonus information on installments in the Bungie-created series past and present. It will also feature content related to non-game Halo projects, such as the Halo Legends anime collection and spin-off novels. Microsoft's all-Halo imprint, 343 Industries, will update this section with new content every day, some of which will be gamer-generated.

Now you can tell your parents you're making a career out of playing Halo and technically not be lying.
Now you can tell your parents you're making a career out of playing Halo and technically not be lying.

Catering to the fetishistic obsessiveness of the shooter's hardcore fans, Halo Waypoint will also feature a new Career section. This section collates all achievements earned in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and all related downloadable content and "converts them into an overall ranking and recognition system."

On top of achievements, Waypoint Career will add Waypoint Milestones, which use achievement points like role-playing game experience points to increase a player's Halo Waypoint level. It will also add Waypoint Awards, which are awarded for groups of achievements with a similar subject, such as particular weapons and vehicles.

Halo Waypoint goes live on November 5 and will be open to all Xbox Live subscribers until November 26. From that point on, it will be accessible only by subscription-paying Xbox Live Gold members.

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