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Halo Wars Was Underappreciated, Xbox Boss Says

Microsoft's Phil Spencer says the 2009 game's cinematics and control setup were excellent.

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2009's Xbox 360 real-time strategy game Halo Wars was an underappreciated game, according to Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Spencer said about the Halo spinoff:

"I agree, under-appreciated. Cinematics in Halo Wars were great for the time and controller RTS worked," he said. "Reminded me of StarCraft on N64."

Halo Wars was the final game from developer Ensemble Studios, which was closed down following the completion of the title in 2009.

There was some level of controversy surrounding Halo Wars. Halo creator Bungie reportedly never wanted the game to be made, with Ensemble Studios founder Tony Goodman saying Bungie saw Halo Wars as "whoring out" the Halo franchise.

Halo Wars was generally well-received and it sold more than 1 million copies. Despite the critical and commercial success, Microsoft has not announced plans for another game in the series.

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