Halo Wars 2 Will Not Receive Further Updates Or Support

The Halo Wars have ended.

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343 Industries has responded to a Halo Wars 2 petition with some potentially bad news for the game's community, explaining that the game will not be receiving further updates and support. The game has reached the end of its support period, and is very unlikely to receive further updates or content.

The petition, signed by over 2500 fans, asks for several updates and improvements for the Halo RTS. Fan requests included a Steam release; new features, such as replays, a UI design for PC, and keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One; new content, including maps and skins; and various bug fixes, quality of life improvements and balance patches. 343 Industries has responded to this petition over on Halo Waypoint, and it sounds like these requests are not going to be fulfilled any time soon, as the studio does not have staff free to update or support Halo Wars 2 further.

"It is always awesome to see the passion of fans wanting to see change come to the games they love in a positive manner," the post, from community support and engagement coordinator Tyler 'Postums' Davis reads. "As awesome as all of these requests are, and as much as we personally share these same desires, the unfortunate reality is that we currently are unable to commit to any future Halo Wars 2 continued development or support at this time."

343 Publishing Team, the team that created Halo Wars 2, is currently porting Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC, and working on the Xbox One and PC versions of Halo: Reach. "With the large scope and immense amount of work surrounding MCC for PC, the resources that were previously focused on Halo Wars 2 have been pulled over to help support MCC and Halo: Reach development," the post states. Davis says that while the team count potentially revisit the game in the future, it is unable to commit to any of these requests.

Halo Wars 2 joined Xbox Game Pass in February 2018 and remains available on the service. It has received 18 content updates since its release in 2017. In her 6/10 review of Halo Wars 2, reviews editor Kallie Plagge said that the game "carries forth enough of the series' beloved elements to make any fan of Halo feel right at home at first, but not in the long run."

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Avatar image for robertbyronz

the game was very well made, and being a fan of the first one, I loved this and played the heck out of it when it first came out. It is a shame that it's no longer going to be updated, but most studios won't support games indefinately. I love RTS games on console, and was very excited for this. I hope there's a 3rd. Probably won't be but if there is they have my money! :)

Avatar image for machinaex

Well a Steam release is what I was really hoping for, both you can't get everything you want, maybe they will change their minds in the foreseeable future.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Ist a niche genre,ones can support it only that much.
I was never into rts but Halo Wars was kinda more accessible than the usual pc rts games...i found HW2 was pretty ok

Avatar image for PETERAKO

I don't think halo wars was ever popular.

Avatar image for thelostscribe

@PETERAKO: The first game sold over a million copies. They waited too long to release Halo Wars 2, although it sold 149 thousand it's first week. Seems like there was some interest, but the momentum was not kept up.

Avatar image for walbo

@PETERAKO: it's a great game for consoles though. Not so much if you have experience with pc rts.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@walbo: That is exactly why the franchise wasn't all that popular. It was an RTS, a genre which most console gamers never cared about, and it was too simple for RTS regulars to like. Plus I doubt that it appealed to all halo fans just because it has the halo name, and also the second one is on the windows store and nobody wants to be bothered with that.

Avatar image for walbo

@PETERAKO: yea you a right. I think I like the fact that it was a switch from fps to rts so was cool to see the units etc from a different perspective much like when they made that command and conquer fps where you could explore the buildings and see the harvesters close up and stuff. I prefferd the play style of the first halo wars though.