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Halo Wars 2 DLC Teased, "Large" Patch Coming Next Week

Players can expect more updates and DLC in the future.


Halo Wars 2 launched this week on Xbox One and PC. You can expect developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly to continue to support it with extra content and updates, some of which were discussed as part of 343's latest weekly blog post.

"Just because the game has launched doesn't mean the work is done," the developer said. "In fact, very far from it, as the Creative Assembly and 343 teams are hard at work on upcoming patches as well as future downloadable content."

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Concerning DLC, 343 said players can look forward to new content every third Wednesday of the month, starting in March with a new leader, Kinsano (above). More leaders, units, and campaign missions are headed to Halo Wars 2 in the coming months. At PAX East, 343 will "go deeper" on what players can expect in terms of DLC. We'll report back with more details at that time.

On the more immediate horizon for Halo Wars 2 are updates addressing issues that have popped up since launch. The first of these is already available, while a "large patch" for Xbox One and Windows 10 is coming next week. It includes a "significant" number of fixes and improvements. The patch notes will be shared at a later date.

"Additionally, work and investigations continue into online connectivity, latency, and performance issues that some players have been reporting," 343 said. "We're aware that some players are still experiencing issues and it's a top priority area of focus for the team."

343 also mentioned that it released a hotfix for an XP exploit where players in 1v1 games could destroy their base at the start of a match to earn 600XP. The game continues to show that you received the XP for doing this, but it's not actually applied. "So doing this will not only net you no real reward, it will also ruin the fun for the person you're matching against while inaccurately skewing player skill ratings," 343 said.

Additionally, 343 said it continues to look over player feedback and game data with an eye on tweaking balance in the future as needed. You can send in feedback to 343 here on the Halo Wars 2 forums.

Halo Wars 2 launched without ranked multiplayer; this feature is coming "soon," but a date has not been announced.

GameSpot's Halo Wars 2 review scored the game a 6/10.

"Halo Wars 2 carries forth enough of the series' beloved elements to make any fan of Halo feel right at home at first, but not in the long run," reviewer Kallie Plagge said. "It's palatable for those used to the FPS games, taking inspiration from favorite missions and putting a strategic spin on them; but just when things become more challenging and actually interesting, it runs out of steam."

For more on the critical response to Halo Wars 2, check out this roundup of scores.

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