Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets An Equippable Grunt Plush Today

Three brand-new anniversary items have been added to Halo: MCC's Exchange.


The next round of Halo: The Master Chief Collection's anniversary cosmetics have dropped today, with the new goodies on offer including an Xbox-themed backpack, a black-and-green Magnum skin, and an equippable Grunt plush.

The new items for Halo 3 multiplayer come as part of an extended Halo Anniversary event, which started dropping themed cosmetics back at the start of November. All the items are available through the Exchange in-game store, where players can spend excess Season Points for the commemorative cosmetics.

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The last drop earlier in December included a Fronkbox backpack, shoulder pads featuring original Xbox controllers, and a themed Sniper skin. The new items arriving now are no less unique, featuring a cute Grunt plush that can be equipped as a backpack. The plush doesn't currently have a real-life equivalent, though it is similar to a limited-edition Grunt plush released in 2011 for Halo's 10th anniversary.

The other items are the X-Pack and the OGX Magnum skin, both items proudly sporting Xbox's iconic black-and-green color scheme. All three items will be available in The Exchange until December 29, when the final lot of anniversary items will be added to the in-game store.

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