Halo team staffing up for 'incubation projects'

343 Industries seeking senior game designer to lead creative vision for mystery projects, as well as "other AAA Halo experiences."


Halo 4

Microsoft may be trying something new with its Halo franchise. A recent job advertisement at 343 Industries calls for a senior game designer to join the franchise creative team and "lead the creative vision for incubation projects" at the studio.

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Additionally, a successful candidate will contribute to "other AAA Halo experiences spanning across the breadth of the studio." None of these endeavors were detailed with any greater specificity.

A Microsoft representative was not immediately available for comment.

Microsoft has previously confirmed Halo 5 and Halo 6 by way of announcing the Reclaimer Trilogy, but no other game projects at the company have been revealed. 343 Industries was established in 2009 as an outfit that oversees all Halo-related products. This includes games, comics, clothing, novels, and other forms of products and content.

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