Halo Showrunners To Leave Show After Season 1

Halo's showrunners will not return if the show is picked up for additional seasons.


Should Paramount+'s Halo television series be picked up for a second season, it'll be with a different hand guiding it. Both showrunners for the game adaptation's first season are stepping away once Halo Season 1 production completes, Variety reports.

The Halo television series has been through the wringer. The show was announced in 2013 alongside the Xbox One with Stephen Spielberg attached as a producer. After years in development hell and changes behind the scenes, the show was finally under production just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic to halt television and movie production all over the world.

Production on season 1 is currently back underway. This latest incarnation of the show had two showrunners attached--Kyle Killen and Stephen Kane. Killen left the product before production officially began as he was "unable to render full-time showrunner duties during the show's shoot in Budapest," Variety says.

Now, though, it looks like Kane is on his way out, too. Kane is working to finish the first season, but is reportedly ready to return to the United States after two years in Budapest.

Pablo Schreiber stars as the protagonist, Master Chief/John-117. Natascha McElhone will play Dr. Catherine Halsey, the scientist behind the Spartan program that creates Master Chief. Jen Taylor returns as the voice of Master Chief's AI assistant, Cortana, for whom she provided the voice in the Halo video games.

Halo is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ in 2022, both domestically and abroad. In the meantime, read up on why Halo transmedia producer Kiki Wolfkill says the show won't please everyone and what to expect from Schreiber's performance. Check out the first set photos, and get caught up with everything we know about the upcoming series.

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