Halo Reaching for Noble map pack

First DLC for Bungie's latest sci-fi first-person shooter confirmed for November 30 launch; will cost 800 points, contain three new maps.


Halo: Reach made $200 million for Microsoft in its first 24 hours on sale and much more since then, and the money doesn't look like it's going to stop rolling in anytime soon. Microsoft today confirmed that the first premium DLC for the critically acclaimed first-person shooter would arrive on November 30 and would cost 800 Microsoft points (£6.85, $10).

Breakpoint in all its snowy glory.
Breakpoint in all its snowy glory.

The Noble Map Pack will contain three new maps and give gamers the opportunity to add a further 250 points to their gamerscore. The three new maps are Tempest, an eight- to 16-player map featuring an abandoned shoreline fortress; Anchor 9, a two- to eight-player orbital dockyard ship repair facility; and Breakpoint, an eight- to 16-player map consisting of an archaeological dig set atop an icy precipice.

Halo: Reach was patched last week to address a number of bugs and tweak some multiplayer gameplay options. A second patch is expected next Tuesday that will introduce matchmaking to the single-player campaign, allowing players to pick up players over Xbox Live to join in their local games.

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