Halo Reach PC -- All You Need To Know: Launch Time, Pre-Loading, Cross-Play, How To Buy

Halo: Reach is out now on PC!


Halo: Reach is now available on PC as part of the Master Chief Collection. Just ahead of the debut, Microsoft has shared a number of key details to help players get ready for launch. Meanwhile, the launch itself has seemingly been wildly successful--even without counting players using Xbox Game Pass, the Steam version alone rocketed to the No. 4 spot on Steam's most-played charts.

Halo: Reach launched on Tuesday--it arrived on PC (through both the Windows Store and Steam) at 10 AM PT on December 3, which works out to 1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, and 9 PM in Moscow. This also comes out to 3 AM in Tokyo and 5 AM in Sydney on December 4.

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Halo Reach: Launch Times

No Pre-Loading

Microsoft also confirmed that Halo: Reach on PC will not support pre-loading on Steam or Windows 10. Although there is no pre-loading is available, players can use Steam's remote download feature to get the download started right away if they happen to be at work or school at launch time. You can see some handy instructions below, compiled by Twitter user Moses_FPS.

How To Buy

Halo: Reach costs $10 on Steam and Windows 10. The Forge and Theatre modes have been delayed and won't launch on PC until 2020. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 will follow in the time to come, and they will each be available to buy individually or through a package that includes them all.

Those who already own Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One can play the multiplayer, custom games, Forge, and Theatre for free. The campaign and Firefight modes will be available to buy for $10 USD on Xbox One at launch on December 3. Xbox Game Pass subscribers--on Xbox One and PC--meanwhile, get everything for free when it's released.

Halo: Reach On Steam | $10 USD

Halo: Reach on Windows Store | $10 USD


Back in October, Microsoft announced that Halo: Reach will support cross-play between the Steam and Windows versions. However, there is no cross-play support between PC and Xbox One. "This is something the team will monitor and evaluate over time," Microsoft said. Check out the chart below to find out more about crossplay progression with Halo: The Master Chief Collection (chart via Microsoft).

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Halo: Reach coming to Steam is a big deal because Microsoft has never released a mainline Halo FPS on Steam before this. 2020's Halo Infinite will also come to PC, but a Steam release has not been officially confirmed at this stage--though it seems likely.

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