Halo: Reach arrives 2010

E3 2009: Bungie continues work on iconic sci-fi shooter series next year; gamers who buy ODST get access to multiplayer beta.


LOS ANGELES--When Bungie left Microsoft, the developer expressed an interest in expanding its horizons beyond the Halo universe. Despite that, the developer will be returning to its signature series at least once more, as Microsoft today revealed the Bungie-developed Halo: Reach during its 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo media briefing.

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The game was announced with a teaser trailer at the end of a segment dedicated to this year's Halo: ODST, which will arrive with an all-new co-op mode on September 22. The trailer showed a planet--ostensibly Reach, the fortress planet where Spartans are trained--with a variety of radio chatter in the background. The radio chatter grows appropriately panicked as the planet is apparently "glassed"--or bombarded with plasma weapons--by the Covenant.

The trailer concluded with a notice that Reach falls in 2010. After the trailer, a Bungie representative announced that gamers who purchase Halo: ODST will be able to access the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta on Xbox Live Arcade.

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For more from the Microsoft conference and the rest of the show, check out GameSpot's complete coverage of E3 2009.

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Superb my dear

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Halo Reach is going to be awesome.

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That's a long time for Halo fanatics to wait. :P

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Eh, not really looking forward to the game, but the backstory on Halo is pretty interesting to me. Can't wait to read on how the story goes for both games.

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I liked Halo... it was the game that made me an Xbox gamer. But, I think they've milked the franchise dry. It's time for them to move on to something new, like a new, non-spartan and non-covenant storyline. Something NEW

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i love halo

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Hopefully it's more "Reach" than "Miss"

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Call it what you want, everyone is still going to buy this game. Its Halo. Everyone wants a peice of the action, whether its good or its bad. Im not a Halo fanboy, but from what i can tell, you can count me in to purchase this game. Mostly because it is 3 things. Bungie, Microsoft, and Halo. Enough said.

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ensemble has had a fair track record give them a chance. but seriously they should make another myth or oni game and stop milking the flavor of the month that is masterchef and halo.

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This game looks like it can create a whole new understanding of why master chief is, well, master chief. [/br] *spoiler* I wonder if "reach" is the planet at the end of halo 3...just a thought. I know reach is where spartans are trained, but who is to say it's not the planet MC is drifting toward at the end.

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More for the Halo fans...

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Wow! I played Halo 1 and thought meh... it wasn't until Halo 2 that I caught the Halo bug. When Halo 3 came out I was one of those fanatics standing in line at 12 in the morning after working a 14 hour shift I went to stand in line. SO I love all things Halo.... odst I can't wait for and Reach baby.... isn't this where most of the Spartans are killed off? Master chief is like the only one who escapes? Oh man I can't wait to play this.

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I've long since given up on thinking that I'm going to enjoy one of the new Halo games. Halo 2 absolutely turned me off to the series, despite the fact that I own it and halo 3. I loved Halo 1, but I've long since given up on a new halo as good as the first one. So, I was never really fired up about ODST, but reach, christ. I loved the book, hopefully the game can capture that essence.

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Love Halo can't wait. How come they left the 4th open ended though?

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So much for Bungie breaking away from Microsoft... the first two titles they've worked on after they break away both set in the Halo universe.

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One more reason for me to pre-order ODST! :)

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Good new something to look forward too. Egnore or the PS3 fanboys or the idiots moaning about it. I will be getting Reach, "Spartans on the ground, we're not going anyware" that made my entire body spazz out.

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@GeigerdolylWodd Dude, Halo: Combat Evolved takes place immediately after the Battle of Reach. The Pillar of Autumn initiates a Slipspace (hyperspace/warp/etc) jump to a set of coordinates found in one of the books. There they discover the first Halo. The sequel to ODST is Halo 3.

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@gameking5000 The only Halo game that Ensemble had anything to do at all was Halo Wars, and that's because MS approached them to make a Halo based RTS, due to their success with Age of Empires etc. Bungie have developed every other Halo game bar Halo Zero, which is a side scrolling game that was made by a group of Halo fans (strangely, this is based on the fall of Reach, as is this game). I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

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omg moan moan moan another halo are you sony fanboys (and yes i do own a ps3 but i own a 360 aswell) forgetting about some of ps3's biggest names well let me remind you final fantasy/metal gear solid/gran turismo/ratchet and clank etc etc yeah none of them have had more then 1 game in the series hmmm actually wait :S

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At least one Halo game every year? They should call them "Halo 2009" and "Halo 2010" :-).

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I have a feeling it won't be as good as halo 3. Hope i'm wrong.

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I just dearly hope its a different style from number 3, if they could make it more like number 1 that would be so good just back to bigger explosions(not these newer piss weak plasma grenades)and insane gun sounds.

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what's with all the ridiculous milking comments?, these are probably from the same 'tards who are waiting for the milkyness metal gear snoozefest 5

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*sigh* Please stop moaning and get a life you big bunch of kids. If you don't want or like halo then why come to this page to bash it? Its not like you're going to change anyone's mind anyway. I really don't see the problem. They want to make more money and Halo fans want more Halo games. Simple, really. If they were bad games then fair enough, but as a critically acclaimed trilogy, this clearly is not the case. Rant over, this really doesn't apply to everyone. Some really good points. But I (and lots of other people) am getting fed up with all of this pointless fanboy rubbish. Is there another gamespot like site that you have to be at least over 18 to join?

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When the preview for Reach began playing, i would've sworn it was Halo 4 =[ But i'll bet it's still gonna be awesome!

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Wow. Judging by these comments, i guess that the Modern Warfare revolution really did made Halo "the best game that everyone hates". Anyways, Reach sounds pretty interesting. Hope to see more info soon.

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Halo is not as awesome as it used to be. I rather go play call of duty or some other games than Halo.

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I just wonder if it's worth buying when it's not developed by Ensemble Studios

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I don't think they are milking it Shock, they are just able to go back and give us more details about the story thanks to all of the success they have had. I'm sure it will be just as good as any other Halo game out there.

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This is defineatly milking it when you announce another halo game so soon, lame.

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Halo Combat Evolved was an awesome experience upon first play. It had the best campaign and the system link provided many a game night with a lot of friends. Halo 2 had a shorter campaign and really good online multiplayer. Halo 3's campaign was short and not a very good experience however the online play was awesome. I really hope that Reach provides a long co-op worthy game that combat evolved seemed to have provided on the original xbox. Please focus on a better campaign bungie!

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I LOVE Halo. I'm so glad they're continuing the series. Best. Series. Ever.

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i dont really care about halo anymore halo 2 was so much better. Bungie trys to put to much stuff in there game and then every thing lags because of it. halo 3 has such crappy online.

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I'm actually excited for this.

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hopefully this will go back to its roots with Halo: CE in gameplay and mechanics along with a good storyline. H1 is by far the best in the series as it's much more fluid/smoother than the 2 sequels with much more efficient weapons (scoped pistol, assault rifle, plasma rifle have all been toned way too down Bungie)

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Lots of people are saying that Microsoft are just milking the last dollars out of the Halo Series. In the end what is the big deal if it's a good game. I mean if you look at Guitar Hero, they are the biggest milkers alive yet the reason they keep selling their games is because they are good. Aslong as ODST rocks then I don't care.

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I just hope to hell the SP side is not pissed on again ,the single player experience has been diluted since 2, screw the MP side put it in a separate game for all I care just don't make another bland and mediocre SP campaign....... Better yet sell the SP side for 40$ and the MP side for 30, more people will buy the MP side.....then again I don't think Halo is a series that's so desperate for profits.... @RabidHeadCrab They don;t care they don't listen the game will be watered down and made the way they feel it will reach the most gamers passable....screw qaulity and depth...

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Wow i dont know about you guys but im all halo'd out now. This is getting ridiculous talk about milking the cash cow.

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So Halo Wars, Halo: ODST, AND Halo: Reach are all prequels? Is this Star Wars or what? (4, 5, 6, then 1, 2, 3)

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A bit much of Halo? They should spread these out so people don't get sick of it. Halo 3 seemed to be pushing it to some people.

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Do we still not know what the Peter Jackson project for Halo is called? I'm not talking about the canceled movie. He was actually helping with a new game.

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@GeigerdolylWodd That prediction just blew my mind... The one about time travel, I mean.

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But sins they had 4 player simultaneous co-op in Halo 3...I tried it. On paper it sounds fun but in reality it ain't always...if you catch my drift.

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With actually no information how exactly what type of game play this will have, it already has major buzz. Now thats a sign of a truely great series. Everything with Halo in it has been great so far. Just please have more co-op! :D

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This is basically a prequel. So let me get this straight instead of one prequel we're getting two. Two prequels with no sequels.

I'd love to see where Master chief and Cortana ended up post Halo 3 credits. I mean I know they are still hovering through space on that ship and he's in a deep cryonic slumber yet again....

Hey a thought occurred to me...What if they somehow went back in time before the events of Halo 1 as a result of the rift in space so they're basically stuck in a time loop.

So ironically enough the events from Halo 1 on are the sequels (which is why Master chief woke up in the cryonic suspension chamber in Halo 1). So that's why there aren't going to be any true sequels.

no thumbs down please its just a theory. Also for anyone who still thinks Master Chief died at the end of halo 3?


Suffice it to say I don't feel like returning to the Halo franchise I'm all Haloed out. The only thing that might make me return would be the inclusion of bots and all the smart AI stuff they promised for Halo 3 which never made it into the game present in multiplayer.

For instance imagine playing against and with bot controlled Spartans/Covenant on multiplayer maps that have tables and the like that can be turned over for cover.

Now imagine those bots being smart enough to realize they won't last beyond 30 or so seconds due to circle strafing so they turn over a table and crouch behind it for cover (and no comparisons to GOW please)

.Meanwhile they and their teammates develop counter circle strafing tactics to actually address circle strafe fire and keep on the move to avoid being grenaded to death while behind cover.

Then again they'd probably end up sniped so whats the point... yeah I'll pass.
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This is great news! I would say that the news about Halo: Reach would be the biggest announcement of the show, but the fact that Halo 3: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper is such an awesome game and will be released "this year" makes it so I guess both of the Halo games will have to share the prize of coolest announcements. Halo fans are going to be very happy that they are now going to get a Halo game in 2009 and in 2010!!! I love the point of view of Halo 3: ODST, how it looks at things from the point of view of the Shock Troopers who orbitally drop in instead of the Spartans. I thought it was awesome the way the little Grunts were getting sniped and appeared not to know who was getting them. Halo has the best storyline out there. All the books have given the developers awesome ideas to work with. I think it will be amazing and exciting to see what the prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved is like when it launches as Halo: Reach in 2010! ... But seriously, why bother worrying about games in 2010 when we have Halo 3 now and Halo 3: ODST to look forward to in just a few months!!!

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Awesome. This will help to move more XBox 360 next year. M$ just need some new exclusive IP for next year and they'll be all set.

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Can't wait.