Halo movie in flux

Fox, Universal back out of Peter Jackson-produced adaptation of Bungie-developed game phenomenon.


In October 2005, the game industry was stunned when it was announced that Peter Jackson would executive-produce the film version of Halo. Many assumed that having the imprimatur of the writer-producer-director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy would assure that the Xbox shooter adaptation would buck the trend of game-based films being Uwe Boll-quality.

However, some financial concerns were raised in Hollywood when trade magazines reported that the price of the Halo script was $10 million and its budget would be at least $75 million. Adding to the witch's brew of doubts about the project were the hiring of novice director Neil Blomkamp and reports that Microsoft was demanding a hefty cut of the box-office proceeds. The film's original Alex Garland (28 Days Later)-penned script, which received rapturous buzz, was also reportedly rewritten by inexperienced screenwriter D.B. Weiss.

Despite the issues, the box-office allure of the Halo audience--which bought up nearly 15 million copies of Halo and Halo 2--was too much for Hollywood to resist. In June 2005, 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios announced they would cofinance Halo, which would be filmed in New Zealand. Effects would be provided by Jackson's Weta Workshop and Weta Digital effects houses, which provided the award-winning visuals for Rings and Universal's own King Kong.

Now, over a year later, it appears that Hollywood is having second thoughts about Halo. An assortment of news outlets, including Variety, report today that both Fox and Universal have decided to back out of the film, which was supposed to hit theaters next summer.

"While rumors had the studios concerned over a budget that was rising above the original projected $135 million price tag, the filmmakers said the double defection came after U[niversal] and Fox played hardball and unsuccessfully tried to get the filmmakers and Microsoft to reduce their profit participation," reported Variety. According to the trade, Halo's proposed budget had exceeded $200 million.

When contacted by GameSpot, a Microsoft rep confirmed that Universal had left the Halo project following a disagreement over financing and that the software giant was "disappointed." However, he could not confirm that Fox had dropped out, insisted the project would continue despite the setback, and underlined the fact that Jackson is still on board.

"The Halo franchise is hugely popular, and our goal remains the same--to find a partner that shares our passion and will creatively collaborate with us to best represent the story and spirit of the Halo franchise," the rep said. "Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and the rest of the creative team are dedicated to ensuring the Halo movie becomes a reality. We are already in discussions with potential partners who recognize the value of the Halo brand and its appeal to consumers worldwide."

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yeah i would have made a great movie but now there doing a sims movie wich will probaly will be a disarster

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I think that it would of been a good movie, i mean since Peter Jackson is directing it and all. I think that he would bring the entire thing together. It's really just a whole concern over financial issues and who would be the actors. I mean, since there looking at a 200 million dollar budget, they better have some pretty good actors in there. Or else it would be a good amount of money wasted...

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yesssssssssssss. finally ive been waiting

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Just do it already! they need to make the movie as soon as they can while the halo flu is still going around. And the tie in game better be damn good

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I really wish they'd make it and also reveal some more about this Peter Jackson Halo game.

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this movie would probably make more in one week than it took to make so i wish universal would grow some balls and make the movie.

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why don't they just pull their heads out of their buts and put this movie together for us to enjoy.....i mean they're just losing money just letting it sit there in a box

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And hallywood can not aford to not finish it. Wen this comes out it will make so much money it will kick out titanic for to grosing movie

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Peter Jackson (after the lord of the rings moives turnd him in to a seroes film maker wich lord of the rings I love it so much) needs to make this movie so Fox dont let bunge down or you will hafe to say that to Bill Gates Just finsh the fuc"ing movie all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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make the movie pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am so confused!!!!! are you gonna make this movie or what??? i 'm so crazy about this movie!!! if peter jackson produces halo its gonna roooooooock!!!!!!!!! i believe everybody are thinking the same!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I think that this movie should DEFINITLY be made. I was hoping that Universal would make it though, they make really great movies. Im going crazy to see this movie.

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This isn't good if Holywood is not careful their going to end up with bullets in their stomics and with their heads not atached to their bodies if they don't meet the expextations of fans.

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Microsoft are money whores. Goddamit, and the rep even tries to speak about having a "passion". if they were so "passionate" about getting the movie out, they wouldnt ask for such a hefty cut.

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we can only wait and see how this movie is going to turn out, (if it is going to be made in the first place).

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IMDB has the movie postponed as of now.

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WOW! They need to make the movie! ITS GONNA BE HUGE! It was like a dream for me to see a Halo movie!

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have any of you seen the trailer for this movie. its going to be good. ive read the books to. im pretty hardcore fan of halo and i would love to see this movie. hopefully they put as much work into the movie as they did the trailer. but ill still see the movie no matter what. they better not ruin the game. or spoil anything about the game that keeps you playing

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This movie will be big.

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I agree with ninjoslot sadly. And Peter Jackson oh NO! I do not like his movies king kong was seriously over done! They are going to show master chiefs face and ruin the games too i heard. Look if you going to show his face save it for the games so we dont recognize the freaking actor ok? If the movie shows his face im NOT watching it! And i agree Stop making games movies and movies into games it just dosnt work game companies dont mix with hollywood and especially not bungie. Plz do not make this another crappy movie. P.S. im still not going to watch DOOM the movie it will ruin it for me.

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I hope that the elits will be som Heavy Killer Alien!!!!!!

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Movies of games should not be made.!!! if you want to watch the movie of a game, then you should play the game cos even the games cinematics blow away some "hollywood" stunts. for the love of gaming, stop making games into movies!!! and movies into games!!!!

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i hope they dont mess up the sniper rifle action or the gun or the whole purpose of a sniper like most movies do. infiltrate covertly, strike, and haul ass out o' there!

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I just hope that they don't screw up the characters in the movie.

Avatar image for G-Ninja

seems like Peter Jackson and Fox doesnt want to do it on their own...

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God i cant wait for this to come out. It better be good too. I mean when they came out with Final Fantasy: Spirts with In it sucked badly. I mean heck weve seen some pretty good movie shots from the games progressing and hitting a new system. Im really hoping they will make this movie an unforgetable one.

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I'm not surprised. Everything now is about making a big profit :roll:

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personally in my own opinion as long as halo movie gets made...and who ever makes it...and its done correctly....i will see it as many times as i can:P

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it best be good cuz the game sure is

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unlike the other noobs on this that post their stuff ive read the books and played the games and universal is stupid to back out of the movie after already spending 2 million i mean they should continue the project cause every true halo fan knows they would go see the movie like 3 times

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I hope this movie fails miserably.

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hope it will not be a trash movie...

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it prob wont be based on the games as much as it would be on the books i never read the books and i don't really care for the game but i would really like to see the movie do good seeing as it would be a big boost for the 360

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Not enough there to make a movie of but its a mediocre game. I still play it until the PC version comes out.

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halo the movie will rock the world there like 2mil halo fans and i think all of them will g see this movie

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Looks like this movie is gonna flop like all the other video game movies. wow what a surprise.

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Put Universal and Fox together and everyone who doesn't play/know Halo will watch the movie anyway. Advertisment giants. I have full faith in Peter Jackson will produce and epic, well presented and enjoyable movie.

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Why does Microsoft even need these people to cofinance a movie, aren't they themselves made of money?

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is a good thing ! FOX didn't do this because of the material, they just wanted alot more money. Bungie want's this thing done right and despite this deal being axed, the movie is still being made and is already in progress. Check the link from tcampbell1976.

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AICN just posted this today that the Halo movie is still being made and that many other studios are still interested in picking it up... << LINK REMOVED >>

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if this is good.....ima go see it

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Halo 1 was great, but Halo 2 ruined everything....

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n'ah it is unoriginal still i think it's an ok fps

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If I may be allowed a low blow... it IS a phenominon that Halo is so popular, seeing as how it's completely unoriginal and derivative. Okay, rant over... flame away.

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yea rumpke is right

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mike_515 Omg why does microsoft want a big part of the profit Bungie made Halo not Microsoft. Man your stupid. Bungie is a microsoft studio. Ever Noticed how halo never came out on any other systems??? It is owned and ran by microsoft.

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lol retard