Halo: MCC Adds New Halo 3 DLC Map For Public Matchmaking, The First In A Decade

Halo 3's first new map in more than a decade is now available for everyone to try in matchmaking.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection's new DLC map, Waterfall for Halo 3, is now available in public matchmaking. The map came to MCC with the Season 6 release earlier in April, but it was available only though Custom Games. Now, it's available in public matchmaking.

Waterfall originally debuted in Halo Online, the free-to-play Halo game for Russia that was eventually canceled. Waterfall in Halo 3 for MCC is available in a Waterfall-only playlist across 4v4, FFA, and Infection, so you can play it to your heart's content non-stop.

The April 21 playlist update for MCC also added Halo: Reach Hardcore for competitive.

Regarding the Waterfall map, design director Max Szlagor explained to GameSpot that the map needed to be changed to accommodate how Halo Online has sprint but Halo 3 doesn't.

"Altering the maps to accommodate for these led to some changes in spawns or having to add blockers to areas that in Halo Online would not have been accessible before," Szlagor said.

Szlagor teased that 343 is planning to release additional maps for MCC in future seasons, and they might not be limited to Halo 3 alone, which is exciting to think about. "We are investigating what is possible for each game and what additional maps we can bring in," he said.

Microsoft is testing another Halo Online map, Edge, but it needed more work so it didn't make it in for Season 6.

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