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Halo Master Chief Collection Update Inadvertently Adds More Bugs

"We are aware that far too many are not seeing improvements."

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Microsoft and 343 Industries have released numerous patches for Halo: The Master Chief Collection since its release nearly two weeks ago, but the Xbox One game's matchmaking issues still remain for "far too many" players, the developer has acknowledged in a new blog post on its website.

The developer explained that, while some are seeing improvements to the overall matchmaking experience following last week's major content update (CU), this is not true for everyone. New updates are already in the works to tackle lingering issues, though 343 did not provide a timetable for when they might be released.

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"We realize that silence and opacity, even when we have nothing new to say, is frustrating. With each change and/or update we make, it takes time for us to capture and analyze the data to determine the tangible impact to the game experience," the team said. "Additionally, we've already begun work on future updates which will be informed by the data and community feedback we're seeing from (last week's update)."

"Our data shows that the CU improved things statistically, but we are aware that far too many are not seeing improvements," 343 added. "We continue to work on these issues, with our primary focus being on matchmaking performance."

343 also explained that last week's CU for The Master Chief Collection inadvertently introduced new user interface bugs, which the developer says "will be fixed shortly." (Ed. note: I encountered a UI bug where the post-game carnage report only showed stats for my character).

Though the time it takes to find a match has improved, 343 says uneven matchups and larger than normal team sizes in matchmaking will continue to be the norm until future updates are applied.

"This is a temporary situation that is caused by the fact that we are allowing more players than normal into a matchmaking session in order to improve overall matching times," 343 said. "We realize this is not ideal, and we will reset those parameters to their expected behavior as soon as our matchmaking improves to a level where players are consistently getting into matches in shorter time frames."

Last week's Master Chief Collection update was also supposed to fix an issue where parties would get split up after a matchmaking game. However, "we're aware that this bug has regressed," 343 said. This problem, and others, will be tackled through future updates. 343 said it will announce details for the next Master Chief Collection update sometime later today, Monday, November 24.

In other Master Chief Collection news, 343 has released a "Rumble" playlist for Halo 2: Anniversary, which is currently capped at 10 players and does not feature ranking at the moment. Ranking will be added once the game's matchmaking issues are sorted out.

Finally, 343 published a set of troubleshooting steps that players can follow to help improve their overall Master Chief Collection matchmaking experience. These are listed below, via 343.

1. Setting your NAT to Open

We've found that players who have their NAT set to open tend to have the highest success rates in Matchmaking. For assistance with opening your NAT, head here.

2. Airport Extreme Router Troubleshooting

We've found that players who are using Apple Airport routers may have increased difficulty connecting to matches due to the default settings. To optimize your settings for gameplay on Xbox One, follow the below steps to allow teredo tunnels, which is set to "off" by default.

• Open Airport Utility

• Go to the "Network" tab

• Click "Network Options" at the bottom then check "Allow Teredo tunnels"

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