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Halo: Master Chief Collection's Next Update Nearly Ready

Plus, 343 Industries gives a first look at the upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary Relic map remake.

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The next major update for Xbox One game Halo: The Master Chief Collection is nearly ready. Developer 343 Industries writes on its website that this update--which was going to be beta tested before those plans were scrapped--is now going through its "final stages" of testing before a public rollout.

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"Over the past few weeks, we've been completing work on the upcoming content update, which will improve stability, matchmaking, the party and invite system, and more," 343 wrote. "As we announced previously, this content update includes fundamental changes to the aforementioned systems, and making and validating these changes requires substantial time beyond what was required for prior updates."

"We're happy with the progress on the next content update, with significant progress being made on big and small issues, and we're being diligent in gameplay and stress testing to ensure that it is a meaningful update," 343 added. "While we haven't yet locked an exact release date of this content update, the work is in its final stages of testing and bug squashing is well underway. The next time we communicate regarding the status of the upcoming content update, we will provide a definitive timeframe for its availability."

343 has also provided an update regarding some recent changes made to Master Chief Collection playlists. Some fans are wondering why SWAT and Team Snipers don't have Halo 3 variants included.

Here's 343's explanation: "This is due to a Halo 3-specific issue regarding non-default map variants that we're working to fix," the studio said. "Once resolved, custom map variants (tournament maps, maps with specific on-map weapons, Forge maps, etc.) will be included into permanent and featured playlists."

Finally, 343 shared an image (above) of the Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer map Relic. This map will be given away free to Master Chief Collection players sometime in the future as a means to make up for the game's troubled launch.

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