Halo Master Chief Collection Day-One Patch Weighs 20 GB

EU release dates adjusted; Pre-downloading begins for 45 GB game; Spartan Ops Delayed.

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Xbox One owners can begin to pre-download Halo: The Master Chief Collection from Friday, October 17, meaning that the game can unlock instantly on its day of release.

However, a day-one patch weighing about 20 GB will need to be downloaded and installed to unlock all of the game's content. The size of the game itself is already quite considerable, at about 45 GB.

Dan Ayoub, the studio head at 343 Industries, says that some of the game will be accessible while the vast patch downloads. Other key features will not.

"You’ll be able to start playing Campaign and more as the content is installing, with some features and multiplayer content being added via the update," he wrote on the Xbox news wire.

"Yes, the update is large, but we weren't about to cut corners to save disc space. This ensures that you are getting every bit of Halo goodness we can fit in."

Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains four complete Halo games, with every multiplayer map ever released, along with all the console and PC DLC. Both Halo 1 and 2 have been remastered, resplendent with high-definition graphics and updated textures.

However, the whole package won't be released all at once. Spartan Ops, the episodic co-op game from Halo 4, will now release in December.

Microsoft has also announced that development of the Xbox One anthology has been completed. It has also amended the release dates in some territories so that the game can release internationally at the same time. As a result, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will ship across North America and Europe on November 11.

There are some exceptions, however. The game will ship in Belgium on November 12, in Japan Nov 13, and in France on Nov 14.

Ayoub said the team was "really happy to get it as close to a simultaneous worldwide release as possible so that we can all celebrate on November 11 and start playing together."

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