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Halo: Legacy Collection Brings Together Three Classic Halo Comics

A collection of three Halo comics is coming this August, and the collection includes interviews with creators and behind-the-scenes artwork.


A trade paperback from Dark Horse will bring together three classic Halo comics in one package. The Halo: Legacy Collection is coming August 11, bringing together comics from notable authors like Brian Michael Bendis, Peter David, and Fred Van Lente.

Halo: Uprising follows the main series protagonist Master Chief as he stops a Forerunner Dreadnought on its way to invade earth. Helljumper takes a closer look at the ODST marines as they discover a Covenant installation. And Blood Line follows a Spartan Black fireteam as they investigate a Forerunner installation after shipwrecking on an uncharted planet.

Meanwhile, Dark Horse is preparing to reissue the Halo Graphic Novel, another collection of classic Halo comics, in October. That set will include The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor, Breaking Quarantine, Armor Testing, and Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa.

These Halo comic sets are coming as Microsoft prepares to launch Halo Infinite this fall. The company has not announced release plans, but more news is said to be coming this summer.

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