Halo Infinity domain names registered

Web listings tied to Microsoft point to Halo factory building something new in first-person shooter franchise.


Halo 4 is on the horizon, and if new registered domain names are any indication, Microsoft may also be planning something related to Halo Infinity.

Master Chief: To infinity and beyond.
Master Chief: To infinity and beyond.

As spotted by Fusible, several Halo Infinity domain names were registered this week, including HaloInfinity.net and HaloInfinityMultiplayer.com. The Web addresses were registered through Mark Monitor, a brand protection agency, which counts Microsoft among its clients. As Fusible points out, Microsoft.com is registered through Mark Monitor.

None of the Web pages are active as of press time.

Infinity was a multiplayer level that was released only for the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved. It is also related to UNSC Infinity, a vessel that first appeared in the Halo: Grasslands novel.

A Microsoft representative told GameSpot, "Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment." Halo 4 is due out on the Xbox 360 this holiday season. For more on that game, check out GameSpot's latest coverage.

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Dear Gamespot, It's Glasslands, not "Grasslands. Thank you.

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It will probably just be like Waypoint or something. Only somewhat interesting. XD

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Dear fellow Halo fans, I love you all and we are the rock of the gaming world. Amen :D

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If its true, Infinity makes me think of a sort of unlimited game...sort of akin to an mmo, or a persistant universe sort of thing....maybe a lot of customisation. If it is something like that, might be one to watch - especially if it drops that MLG shi* - Too many wannabes and angry 'pros' who play these games for the idea of fame then for fun e.g. ITzxxXPRO SNIPEZMLGXxxx ect ect

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@grey_fox1984 @pr0teu5 I'd be inclined to agree with you if MC had a face.

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@baystatethrashr Ah yes, well now I feel like a dumb***. As soon as I got your response I actually remembered Waypoint was out there already. "DOH!"

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I wonder if it is another spin off the series like halo wars or if it refers to "halo 5"

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Interesting, if I recall correctly Infinity was a PC exclusve map for the original Halo. Probably unrelated, but a man can think.

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halo RULES!!!!!!!!!

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Halo is going to infinity and beyond!

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@ siamo, they already have that. Its called Halo Waypoint, you know, the download for the 360 and Iphone that was released a few years ago?

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@ kkxtrouble, haven't you heard? Halo: CE was released for the PC 9 years ago! lol

Avatar image for Ultra_Taco

@ Max_160, Microsoft didn't promise anything about the last 3 Halos coming to the PC. What are you talking about this "promises".

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Halo Infinity... must be describing the amount of years they intend to keep Halo alive for.

Avatar image for X-RS

Guess who's back... =D

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Finally a fitting name.

Avatar image for r4v3gl0ry

I bet a lot of those original development team members for Halo 1, 2, and 3 are banging their heads against their desks now. How do we go from 'Finish the Fight!' to letsextendtheseries and kill what could have been left another sci-fi legend? I liked the uncertainty of Halo 3's ending, even if there is room for expansion within the universe.

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so help you god microsoft......if i find ........kinect crowbar'd into this.....im just waiting to test my infinite krogan legion spawner button....

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The cash cow goes moo

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@RobertWampler: That is actually false. Bungie confirmed that Halo and Marathon are two completely different universes. Halo can be considered its "spiritual sequel."

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Thinking: Paid version of Halo Waypoint?

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the cow is ready to be milked...

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Has anyone here played the marathon games? there is marathon and then there was marathon Infinity, For the people who know dont know Halo is pre marathon so im thinking the new halo games are the marathon games redone

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Probably just a community service of some kind, like Waypoint.

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Probably a WP7 tie-in game.

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@GamerLegend10 To help him voice his hollow, and uninteresting opinion? I love how he's supposedly a "P.C elitist", but his spelling is so horribly bad, it's borderline "L337 SP34K".

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@siamo Bungie has had stat tracking for Halo since the day Halo 2 launched...... Bungie also has a mobile app and now 343i has Halo Waypoint.

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@Max_160 If you dont give a s***, then why did you bother clicking the link to this article and writing a comment???

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My first thought was a social network/stat tracking service to compete with Battlelog and Call of Duty Elite. I mean, Halo is the third wheel in the tri-dynasty of FPS juggernauts, and they're the only one that doesn't support this kind of feature. Maybe they're going to launch their equivalent service with Halo 4? Personally I hope those of you who have predicted PC-ports of the missing Halo games are right, but I doubt that's it.

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@popki can't happen. Microsoft doesn't have the rights marathon. That still belongs to bungie.

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"these are not the games youre looking for. Move along" - Obi Wan Kenobi

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To Infinity, and beyond!

Avatar image for popki

Time to finally link Halo to Marathon

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Me and my friend have wanted them to make a battle game similar to battlefront as Halo practically screams for a game of such premis... hope this is finally it.

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If I had to guess at a genre it would be MMO. Or some sort of free-to-play multiplayer.

Avatar image for tatu2004

i wonder if it could be another Halo RTS??

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Maybe a pc release of an old halo game.

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i give 2 shi t s about the future of xbox. 360 got already over 3 halo titles which didn't come out on pc even after microsoft promised us! fuc kin lies. how about halo and pc future. for all i know there is too much gaming propaganda insisting that halo is an xbox game, though failure to realize that the first halo game came out on pc. THIS IS MADNESS!

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Lol no 1 ever responds to gamespot.

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Who cares about web domains? I'm just curious to see if Halo 4 will be any good. 343 Industries has some big shoes to fill.....

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I cannot wait for Halo 4. Sorry I meant to say the worlds greatest game

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what ever I'm looking forward to this game and I have been since the end of Halo 3, so I really hope this game is a masterpiece.

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@GreySeven Chief plays the straight man to Cortana. He's quiet, but when he does speak, it's usually a fairly witty response to something Cortana has said. With Gordon Freeman being your display pic, I'm surprised you can't appreciate subtle characterization in an FPS hero.

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

Note for article edit: The book is called "Glasslands" as in "lands that have been glassed" - not Grasslands. Easy mistake to make, but might want to change it before the really militant Halo fans cry fowl.

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@ pr0teu5, thats very true, especially if you have read any of the books with the Chief in it.

Avatar image for pr0teu5

@GreySeven. Now that's Funny. Master John-117 has way more personality that Gordon Freeman, and in general he had more personality then most FPS protagonist.

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Please, please, please don't be a Kinect game....

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@OleanderX Why would one domain be called "Halo Infinity Multiplayer" if it's a book?

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