Halo Infinite's Grappleshot Is Just The First Of Many New Tools To The Series

Master Chief's new grappling hook is just one piece of a broader puzzle, with 343 Industries experimenting with physics-based tools.


Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has elaborated slightly on some of the tools that the anticipated sequel will give you to play around with, teasing that players haven't yet seen the full capabilities of ones such as the Grappleshot.

Master Chief's new grappling hook was one of the standout features of an otherwise highly criticized gameplay demo last year, allowing you to zip along through the open-world that Infinite takes place in. Speaking in a new development update, Tim Temmerman, lead designer on tools for the sandbox team, says that there's more offensive-focused gameplay that the team wants to show off soon.

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"We have some really exciting equipment we haven't shown yet, but the Grappleshot is probably my favorite of the bunch that we have shown," Temmerman said. "Not only does it just feel fun to use, but there's additional functionality that hasn’t been revealed yet that adds some more… offense-focused gameplay that I'm super excited to show off."

Elan Gleiber, another member of the sandbox team, echoed this sentiment, but also teased a new type of equipment the team hasn't revealed yet that will let players interact with Halo Infinite's world in very physics-heavy ways.

"It's highly physics-based, has TONS of interactions across our sandbox, and will leave you laughing or yelling, 'Did you see that?!'," says Gleiber. "Proper timing is everything with this equipment, and if you position correctly, you could very well send your enemies flying!"

The extensive development update for Halo Infinite featured numerous interesting titbits about the state of the project. 343 Industries reiterated that all the game's launch content is finished and being polished, while also revealing that Infinite's control scheme can be completely remapped to your liking. A new release date for the shooter has not been announced yet, but it is expected later in Fall 2021.

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