Halo Infinite's GameStop-Exclusive DLC Is Now Available To Claim

Take a look at the Red Shift armor coating that will be available exclusively to GameStop shoppers.


Like many big games, Halo Infinite will have DLC that's exclusive to certain retailers. GameStop shoppers are getting the "Red Shift" armor coating, which is effectively a skin, for Halo Infinite multiplayer, and you can now begin the process of claiming it.

Everyone who pre-buys Halo Infinite or related Xbox merchandise at the store before December 13 can claim the Red Shift DLC.

A work-in-progress render of the GameStop-exclusive armor coating
A work-in-progress render of the GameStop-exclusive armor coating

Microsoft had planned to roll out this DLC promotion at GameStop on November 9, but there were "a few more pieces that needed to fall in place" before it could happen.

As with Halo Infinite's various other promotional campaigns, including those from Monster Energy and Butterfinger, you are advised to save your receipt and enter your specific redemption code at this website.

Following its delay, Halo Infinite is now releasing in 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. It will support cross-play. The game will not appear at The Game Awards in December, but developer 343 Industries has pledged to be "more communicative" about Halo Infinite in the time ahead. These promotions were likely already put in place prior to the delay, including branded Monster Energy cans.

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