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Halo Infinite's December Launch Is The "First Release"

The Xbox and PC game will grow and evolve in a big way over the years, it seems.


It appears Halo Infinite is well and truly leaning into the live service category, with Microsoft boss Joseph Staten recently explaining that the December 8 launch is just for the "first release" of Infinite. Speaking to Game Informer, Staten said one of the reasons he was brought on mid-development to work on Halo Infinite was to help plan for and define the future of Halo as a live-service property as opposed a single game.

"There was also a goal to bring someone in who could help plan for the future of Halo, and understand that we're now working as a live game, that we're an evolving service, and we have this great community," he said. "And then dig in and next chart the course for what's coming next. That part of my job has been more challenging to do in the last year, as we've all been so focused on launching the first release of Infinite. It's more than just a game. It's a universe that's going to continue to grow over time, in collaboration with our fans, and really fueled by Xbox Game Pass."

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Halo Infinite's campaign is included with Xbox Game Pass, while the multiplayer element is completely free-to-play.

Staten didn't share any details on exactly what he meant by "first release." Fans are already speculating that Halo Infinite will be an ongoing, evolving game that adds new campaigns and additional content in a similar way to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This remains to be seen, but 343 is clearly positioning Halo Infinite as a product that grows over time.

"With the early Halo games... post-launch content wasn't really our focus. Yes, we shipped some awesome DLC multiplayer maps and modes and had a lively and wonderful online conversation with fans. But mostly our focus was on building the next big sequel, and this led to big gaps in the experience," Staten said. "Now, what we makes me most excited about Halo Infinite is that launch is just the beginning. We're not only opening a whole new chapter in the Halo universe; we're starting a journey with Halo players that will deepen and expand from season to season, and for many years to come. I love this new focus and i can't wait to share more about where we're headed."

Also in the interview, Staten said Halo Infinite is, in many ways, the "fulfillment of this vision we had for Halo 20 years ago."

"I can remember joining Bungie in 1998 and walking into the Halo room. I was on the Myth 2 team at the time. But I remember going into that room and looking at the build. It was this mesh terrain and this skybox of the ring in the background. And I remember asking, 'Can you go to the other side of the ring?' I remember people at the time saying, like, 'Are you nuts?'" he said.

Halo Infinite launches on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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