Halo Infinite's Craig The Brute Is Now A Rockstar In Campaign Easter Egg

Craig the Brute is a rockstar.


Halo Infinite's campaign will memorialize Craig the Brute--a meme about Halo Infinite's poor visuals that have since been improved--it has been discovered.

An Easter egg themed around Craig has been discovered in the game's campaign. "Craig" is apparently a famous touring musician in the year 2560. A concert poster with multiple tour dates and an album of Craig's Greatest Hits have been discovered in the campaign, as you can see in the images below.

Tom Warren of The Verge documented the Craig Easter egg, explaining that you need to use an upgraded version of the Grappleshot to get on top of a structure to find it. The album art shows that some of Craig's famous songs include "The Day You Become a Meme," "I Am So Famous," "I Got Tears Last Summer," and 'I Smile Inside."

The Craig Easter egg was originally discovered by YouTuber Mint Blitz, who further showed off the zone where you can find it and reveals other neat specifics like how interacting with objects in the area play guitar sounds. The entire space looks to be designed after a concert stage.

"The team has sort of a love-hate relationship with Craig. While it was fun to see the community gravitate towards Craig, he unfortunately represented some content and systems that were not ready for prime time in that demo," 343 has said. "The positive outcome of Craig was that he was one of the factors in gaining some more time to finish work and get Brutes to a place where the team is happy with them. This is one of the many positive examples of 343 working with and aligning with the Halo community around expectations. Players who look hard enough will still be able to find some evidence of Craig in Halo Infinite, his spirit lives on!"

Craig has "glammed up," the developer said. "He is feeling very good about himself and has fit back in well with the rest of his Brute friends. He has also picked up a new hobby and has done well for himself. Long live Craig!"

We recently got a chance to play a few Halo Infinite campaign missions, and editor Tamoor Hussain came away generally impressed.

"The first few missions of Infinite feel like 343 saying it knows that it has some work to do still; that it needs to prove that Halo, and Master Chief, still have what it takes. And that is exactly what it feels like the game is about: Unlike the last few games in the series, Halo Infinite doesn't just want to say Master Chief is a legendary Spartan, it wants you to prove it."

While we have to wait until December 8 to play Halo Infinite's campaign, the multiplayer is available now in a free beta for everyone. Check out GameSpot's 14 Halo Infinite beginner's tips to get started.

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