Halo Infinite's Bots Will Eventually Drive Vehicles

The bots will drive vehicles and operate turrets in the future, but not yet.


Halo Infinite's bots are smart and capable combatants, but they have not yet reached their full potential. 343 Industries has announced that the bots will eventually be able to drive vehicles and attack you. They will also be able to hop onto a vehicle's turret and fire at you on the go.

This functionality is coming, but it's not ready yet, 343 said in a blog post. The studio said it collected "tons of data and feedback" from the first Halo Infinite beta test to help improve bot behavior, including in the areas of movement and combat choices. With this feedback in mind, 343 will make bots even more lethal in the future, it seems.

Halo Infinite's bots are getting smarter
Halo Infinite's bots are getting smarter

"Our bots are still learning, and for now, they have an aversion from jumping in vehicles. We've all seen how good they are on foot already. We want them to be that good and comfortable in vehicles before we let them get behind the wheel or jump on the turret," 343 said.

Players can go head-to-head with the newly updated bots this weekend in the Bot Arena playlist of the Halo Infinite beta test. This test will include the following:

  • Slayer on Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, and Recharge
  • Capture The Flag on Bazaar and Behemoth
  • Strongholds on Live Fire and Recharge
    • Please note that Behemoth will join the rotation on Sunday, September 26, and will be available for both weekends after its debut.
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The full Halo Infinite multiplayer beta schedule has also been published, letting you see at a quick glance when you'll be able to play, provided you received an invitation. As announced previously, the beta will run in two four-hour pieces each day, though the Bot Arena and Training Mode, along with other features, will be available even when matchmaking servers are turned off.

Halo Infinite launches on December 8.

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