Halo Infinite--Here's A Teaser To Get You Psyched For This Week's Gameplay Reveal

We'll see more of Halo Infinite very soon, and in the lead-up we're getting some tiny little reminders of why we love the series.


Halo Infinite is set for its big reveal during the Xbox first-party games showcase on July 23, but ahead of that, developer 343 Industries has continued to release new teasers for it. This latest one is curious, as it focuses on Master Chief's suit--but not the person inside of it.

The newest teaser appears to show Master Chief's helmet being slot into place, shown from inside his suit. It gives off a sense that the iconic suit is ready to return to us.

Take a look for yourself in the gif below.

Halo Infinite will have its proper unveiling at the Xbox event this week, and the reveal will focus on the game's campaign mode as opposed to its multiplayer element. Recently, Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased that Halo Infinite may change the "structure of what the game is itself."

Separately, Windows Central reported that it has heard unconfirmed information that suggests Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free-to-play. The game is moving the series away from numbered sequels in favor of an ongoing platform that can be added to over time.

Halo Infinite is a launch title for the Xbox Series X, and it's also coming to the regular Xbox One as well as PC. In fact, Series X won't have any first-party exclusives for at least the first two years.

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