Halo Infinite: You Can Bounce Skewer Shots Off Ramps

Players have discovered you can use the Skewer in more than one way.


One Halo Infinite player has accidentally discovered that you can use the game's Skewer weapon to bounce shots off man cannons.

ManiacalZManiac, the player who discovered the new trick, shared the gameplay clip to the Halo subreddit, saying, "TIL the Skewer is affected by mancannons." The 21-second-video shows the player reloading the weapon with the intention of firing it at an enemy across from them, but their aim seemed to hit the map's man cannon ramp instead, which then propelled the Skewer shot to hit the enemy player directly.

The Halo Infinite player even earned the kill as the player board indicates, suggesting that this technique was intentional on 343 Industries' part. The video also shows off a few more angles of the kill, showing the Skewer hit the player in the head in a perfect arch.

Another Halo Redditor commented on the video with another helpful gameplay tip, saying, "You can also block the skewer shot by picking up a ground weapon if you time it just right," while another said players can drop their weapon if they have a secondary to pull off the trick.

Elsewhere, one Halo Infinite player was able to kill 23 enemies with a single sniper rifle shot after having them all lined up. The video shows them all thrown backwards as the shot hits them, while the player's score raked in points for each kill.

Halo's multiplayer beta was released for free on November 15 in celebration of Xbox and Halo's 20th anniversary. The Halo Infinite campaign will launch on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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