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Halo Infinite Won't Be At The Game Awards, But Update Coming "Soon"

A representative for 343 Industries stated that there will be an update on the game's progress within the next few weeks.


Halo Infinite was one of the most anticipated games of 2020, until a controversial Xbox Series X showcase caused fans to question the game's visual fidelity and creative direction, which led Microsoft to delay the game to 2021. However, fans hoping for an update on the series reboot will have to wait beyond The Game Awards, as a representative has stated that the game will not appear there.

"Right now we're still going through the huge cascade of implications and ramifications to the release shift and the team is heads down working through nearly every facet of the game," 343 community director Brian Jarrard wrote on Reddit. "Full disclosure: we don't have anything planned for the VGAs, but are hoping to offer at least a high level update within the next few weeks so we can kind of restart this journey together after the holidays. Pulling together something like a demo or big beat for the VGAs is an enormous amount of work and would cause challenges with current milestones of the holidays."

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Recently, game director Chris Lee left the Halo Infinite project, prompting concern among fans. He is the second director to leave the project in the last two years. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the turnover is nothing to worry about in our interview. Back in October, a Halo community manager responded to a fan who accused Microsoft of "turtling up" on Halo Infinite, saying that he disagrees. However, if you're curious to see how 343 recorded weapon sounds for the new game, check out their video.

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