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Halo Infinite Winter Update Brings Campaign Co-Op And Forge

Multiplayer will receive two new maps, a new mode, and a 30-tier battle pass.


On November 8, Halo Infinite's winter update will bring network campaign co-op, the Forge beta, and several new multiplayer additions.

Campaign Co-Op will let players gain progress all together. Entering into a session will place the group at the point where the furthest behind player is. Every collectable will also be obtainable for every player that hasn't gotten it yet. In setup, players can select skulls from the ones that every player has unlocked. Players can now also replay missions, going back to unlock the skulls or audiologs they didn't grab before.

The Forge beta allows players to host up to 7,000 objects per map, whereas Halo 5 allowed 1,600. Users can scale objects, making small ones large and large ones small. It also includes a visual scripting language, letting players tinker with small variables. Forge will launch with six canvases, meaning map backgrounds, but will receive more with time. Bots are supported in Forge for the first time. Every project will also save and go forward into future versions of Forge.

Multiplayer will receive two new official, forge-created maps. The first is Argyle, an enclosed map set inside a Forerunner structure. The second is Detachment, set in a UNSC base which features Halo Infinite's first teleporter. Covert One-Flag is Halo Infinite's first asymmetrical mode. One team defends a flag while the other attacks to claim it. The attackers have unlimited active camo while defenders have an infinite supply of threat sensors.

A new system of match XP grants players XP just for playing matches, with additional bonuses for good performance and winning. The winter update will also launch with a free 30-tier battle pass, which includes many of Reach's cosmetic items. After the update launches there will be two events. The first is in December and is called Winter Contingency 2. The second is in January and is called Joint Fire.

Halo Infinite's post-launch plans have shifted significantly over the last several months. The game will no longer be receiving split-screen campaign multiplayer, with 343 devoting more resources to live-service content.

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