Halo Infinite Winter Contingency: Live Now, Challenges, And Rewards

Enjoy the happy Halo-Days with the Winter Contingency event.


The Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event has begun, and with it, you can ring in the new year with new Halo winter-themed cosmetics. Additionally, it's your chance to earn even more standard Mjolnir armor pieces that aren't explicitly winter-themed. With several limited-time rewards available in the free event, Winter Contingency is our first sign of what 343 Industries may have learned from its earlier event, Tenrai. Halo's holiday event has 10 wintry rewards on offer, but only for the next two weeks. Here's what you need to know about Winter Contingency.

Halo Infinite Winter Contingency rewards

The event challenges are very easy this time around. All they take is for you to play at least one round each day for 10 out of the event's 13 days. Doing so will have you come away with all 10 of the new festive armor coatings, emblems, and more. Your first finished match each day is that day's event challenge. Win or lose, any mode, it doesn't matter. Each of the 10 challenges will net you one reward, nice and easy, though this does mean you can't unlock the challenges earlier than New Year's Eve. The full list of rewards includes:

  • Tier 1: Wild Justice nameplate
  • Tier 2: Peppermint Laughter armor coating
  • Tier 3: UA / Tatius shoulder pad (left)
  • Tier 4: UA / Tatius shoulder pad (right)
  • Tier 5: Peppermint Laughter MA40 Assault Rifle coating
  • Tier 6: Snowmageddon backdrop
  • Tier 7: Navlogcom nameplate
  • Tier 8: Peppermint Laughter MK50 Sidekick coating
  • Tier 9: Myesel ammo pouch
  • Tier 10: Sunset Contessa armor coating
Santa's sleigh is inbound.
Santa's sleigh is inbound.

The Winter Contingency event is live for the next two weeks, ending on January 3 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. While you need not worry about any limited-time challenges (other than simply playing each day) like you may have done in Tenrai, you'll still want to be sure you get all of these rewards before the event expires.

If you need help leveling up fast, here's how to level up the Halo battle pass faster than ever, thanks to recent patches that have made the game's XP system more user-friendly. Recently, Halo Infinite got its final patch for 2021, which added new playlists like the much-anticipated Slayer-only playlist for those looking to take a special slay ride this holiday season.

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