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Halo Infinite Will Be On Game Pass For Xbox One And Xbox Series X

Master Chief for a monthly fee.


Microsoft has given more details about the Xbox Series X, including technical specs and consumer-facing features like its new Smart Delivery. In the process, it also reaffirmed it will continue to support some of its current initiatives, like Game Pass, for the upcoming Halo Infinite.

In the announcement, Microsoft confirmed that Game Pass will continue to include first-party games, specifically name-dropping Halo Infinite. The post also briefly mentioned its array of 15 Xbox Game Studios in relation to Game Pass. In addition, the Series X will be backward compatible with previous Xbox generations, so any Game Pass games from prior generations will be playable too.

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Halo Infinite is also the flagship product for Microsoft's new Smart Delivery feature. That means you'll be able to purchase it and any other participating game on Xbox One, and when you upgrade your hardware to the Series X, you'll already own the next-gen version. Third-party participation is voluntary, but CD Projekt Red has already said Cyberpunk 2077 will be included.

All this means that whether you play Halo Infinite through a Game Pass subscription or a full game purchase, you'll get the upgraded next-gen version of the game when you get an Xbox Series X. Microsoft is expected to share more details on the Xbox Series X at its E3 2020 presentation.

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