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Halo Infinite's Warthog Is Real: Here's How It Was Made

A new 10-part video series will document the creation of a real-life Halo Infinite Warthog, as seen at the recent premiere of Free Guy.


A real-life Warthog from Halo Infinite made a splash at the world premiere of the Ryan Reynolds video game-themed film Free Guy, and now a new 10-part weekly video series on YouTube will dive deep into the vehicle's creation.

The build comes from Hoonigan Industries, an automotive brand that is no stranger to crafting custom vehicles. The Warthog took hundreds of hours to build over the course of a year, and is capable of reaching a top speed of over 100 mph thanks to a 438ci twin turbo small block Ford V8 engine. The vehicle's body, interior, and accessories were all hand-crafted using high-res images of the Warthog provided by Halo developer 343 Industries.

This real-world Warthog comes with fully functional off-road racing suspension and active 4-wheel steering, meaning it's capable of climbing over rocks and rough terrain just like its in-game counterpart.

In the first first part of the ongoing series, fans get to see the early stages of the Warthog's creation, including a discussion with Halo franchise creative director Frank O'Connor and senior Halo franchise manager Corrine Robinson. Oh, and the builders over at Hoonigan also play a bit of Halo: Combat Evolved for good measure.

Players will get their first chance to take Halo Infinite's Warthog for a spin soon, as the game's next multiplayer test starts September 24 and will include the game's Big Team Battle mode. The mode will pit two teams of 12 against one another on larger maps perfect for vehicular mayhem. To get the chance to participate in the upcoming playtest, you need to become a Halo Insider.

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