Halo Infinite Voice Actor Reveals Spartan Griffin In The Game

A character from the Halo extended universe is going to appear in Halo Infinite, according to voice actor Verlon Roberts.


Voice actor Verlon Roberts will be in Halo Infinite, playing extended universe character Spartan Griffin. The actor confirmed his involvement in a recent interview, and suggested a slightly narrowed release window.

Roberts made the comments as part of an interview on the Fadam and Friends podcast (via Reddit). In the process of talking about booking a part in Halo, he mentioned that he's going to be in Halo Infinite. Asked to clarify he said he's playing Griffin, a character who appears in the Shadows of Reach novel.

He also mentioned that the game had been "pushed to November," though it's unclear if he knows that release window for certain or if it's a guess. A November date would make sense, given that we know it's slated for fall. November 15 marks the 20th anniversary of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo Infinite had been scheduled for release in Fall 2020, alongside the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S. It was ultimately pushed back in part due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some tie-in promotions have gone forward anyway. A Monster Energy promotion gave out codes for double XP for use in the game once it launches, and a special Pringles flavor is said to taste like an extinct bird.

Microsoft promises another Halo Infinite reveal is coming soon to show the latest progress on the game. E3 2021 appears to be going all-digital this year, but plans have not been detailed.

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