Halo Infinite Unlock Time: Release Times And Download Size Explained

Here is exactly when you can play Halo Infinite's campaign.


Halo Infinite's campaign is coming today, a full year after it was originally supposed to come out. Yes, you are this close to finally getting back into Master Chief's legendary armor, and we have the exact time the game unlocks and will be available for download. So, when does Halo Infinite unlock, and does it vary by region? We break it all down below.

Halo Infinite Unlock Time

Halo Infinite is using a global release model. This means that Halo Infinite's release time is simultaneous on December 8 rather than a "rolling" model like some other games use. The major time zones are outlined here:

Note that the official map uses CST for New York. This is almost certainly an error.

  • 10 AM PT
  • 1 PM ET
  • 3 PM DRT
  • 8 PM GMT
  • 9 PM MSK
  • 7 PM CET

Halo Infinite Pre-Load

Oddly, Halo Infinite's campaign is not available to pre-load yet. This is because the campaign is technically treated as an add-on for the multiplayer component that is already live, and thus it cannot be locked if downloads are allowed ahead of time. However, the download size will be smaller if you have the multiplayer component on your system:

  • Without multiplayer installed already: 48.42GB total download
  • With multiplayer installed already: 29.83GB total download

Halo Infinite sees the Master Chief land on the mysterious Zeta Halo ring, a mysterious world that is largely under the control of the Banished faction. Despite its connections to the other games, it's considered a "spiritual reboot" because of the similarities in tone and premise as the original 2001 game--that game came out 20 years ago, and the free-to-play multiplayer for Infinite launched as a celebratory surprise. You can read our thoughts in the Halo Infinite campaign review and check out the latest multiplayer patch notes.

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