Halo Infinite: Top Plays From The Multiplayer Beta

People are already pulling off incredible plays in Halo Infinite.


The latest Halo Infinite multiplayer beta test took place over the weekend, giving fans a chance to try out the 4v4 Arena Slayer and objective-based modes. Despite a lack of familiarity with the game, beta players pulled off some incredible plays and discovered some new elements of the game.

We're rounding up some of the top highlights that we came across from the beta, and we'll add more to this story as we find them. If you missed out on this past weekend's beta test, you'll have another chance, as the next beta will take place this coming weekend, and it'll feature Big Team Battle.

Grappleshot CTF

One of Halo Infinite's most ambitious new features is its Grappleshot, which players can use to zip around the map faster than ever before and in new ways. The Grappleshot can also be used to grab the flag during Capture the Flag matches, and it looks very OP, at least in this one example. Twitter user NorwenSLG shared a clip of this in action, with the player grabbing the flag with their Grappleshot and catapulting it across the entire map for what should be an easy score. "This can't stay in the game," the user wrote.

Whether or not there were any other conditions at play here that contributed to this remains to be seen, but the Grappleshot does seem to be very effective in CTF as you'll see in another example below.

User UberNick_ shows off in the video below how they were able to grab the flag with the Grappleshot from a distance. It was a highly effective and useful strategy since the flag was in a very hot zone. The fact that the flag can be grabbed by the Grappleshot will seemingly open up a number of new possibilities in CTF, and that's exciting to think about.

Grappleshot Saved My Life

This clip from Kahlief Adams shows off another incredible use of the Grappleshot. The player fires the Grappleshot at an oncoming Ghost to perform a "Grapple-jack," but they were unable to stop and begin crashing off the map to their death. Except they were able to use the Grappleshot to climb back up onto the map for a second lease on life.

New Heights

The Grappleshot can be used to help players propel themselves high into the air beyond what would normally be possible, and this opens up new perspectives to rain death down from above. As alivedinosaur shows off in the video below, they were able to fly high into the air and land an epic headshot on an unsuspecting enemy down below.

A Horror Game?

CardinalRedbrd writes in the caption of this video, "I can't believe no one told me Halo Infinite was actually a horror game?!" In the clip, a player comes flying into the room using a Grappleshot, spooking CardinalRedbrd to great effect.

The Repulsor

One of the new pieces of equipment in Halo Infinite is the Repulsor, which can deflect oncoming projectiles with a blast of energy. This energy force can also be used to knock back oncoming vehicles, as Twitter user Lunchy_ shows off in this incredible video:

Grappleshot Skills

As Reddit user DJGRIFFSTAR shows off in the video below, the Grappleshot can be used to fly down grav lifts. This could be a useful tactic, especially in the heat of battle, because players can't otherwise follow you down there. You could also use it to sneak into enemy territory, DJGRIFFSTAR points out.

As mentioned, the next Halo Infinite beta test begins September 30, and this time, Microsoft is inviting even more people to play to help stress-test Big Team Battle. Be sure to sign up for Halo Insider and complete your profile for a chance to be selected.

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