Halo Infinite Speedrunners Have Already Broken The Game Wide Open

A newly discovered glitch lets players skip to Halo Infinite's second to last campaign mission.


The Halo community is having a field day with the freedom Halo Infinite's open-world campaign provides, and it didn't take players long to figure out how to skip many of the game's story missions entirely.

Halo content creator Mint Blitz shows how one such trick is done in a new video, in which he credits the discovery of the skip to members of the Haloruns spreedrunning community. What's notable about the skip is that it doesn't seem all that difficult to accomplish. As long as you know how, just about anyone can probably pull this off.

The skip involves upgrading the grappleshot to the fourth level to acquire the First Strike ability, which allows players to perform a powerful melee in conjunction while grappling. Once players reach the Excavation Site mission, players should end the game and reload, ensuring a new checkpoint in case the glitch doesn't go as planned. From there players need to perform a grapple melee in a very specific location near the Banished mining laser before immediately bringing up the game's map and fast traveling to any location.

This, apparently, makes players invincible, with the game believing players to actually already be dead. In this state, timed-death barriers are disabled, allowing players to go from one of the game's islands to another freely. To do so players will have to grapple across a specific island gap using the grappleshot melee before immediately grappling again to fling themselves onto the island proper. From there, it's just a matter of acquiring a Banshee and flying to the game's second to last mission.

Loading a mission will remove the invulnerability glitch and allow players to play the game normally. Mint Blitz doesn't think this glitch will be patched, as Halo campaign's have a long history of game breaking glitches that developers have left untouched, hence why he felt comfortable sharing the skip.

Halo Infinite does not yet have a co-op campaign, but it will be coming in the months ahead, as will the ability to replay campaign missions without having to start a new game. Developer 343 Industries is currently cautioning fans to not use Xbox's quick-resume feature with Halo Infinite, as it can cause unlocked multiplayer cosmetics discovered in the campaign to not properly unlock. A fix is currently in the works.

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