Halo Infinite Season 3 Microtransaction Changes And New Battle Pass Detailed

343 Industries has detailed the new battle pass and upcoming shop changes ahead of Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within.


Ahead of Season 3: Echoes Within launching for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has detailed the new battle pass as well as some free cosmetics and shop changes. In addition to the new battle pass, 343 Industries is planning to shake up the cosmetic shop with more frequent updates and opportunities to grab items at a discount.

On Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries provided details for all the cosmetic changes and additions coming in Season 3, including the battle pass. The premium version of the Season 3: Echoes Within battle pass includes over 180 items for 1,000 Credits, which can be earned back by completing it. Owners of the premium version, which never expires, also get access to a fourth challenge slot for the entire season, regardless of which battle pass they might be working on.

The biggest changes are coming to the in-game shop, which should offer a bigger variety of cosmetics and rotate more frequently. The shop will now feature a daily section that rotates every day and a half-week slot that rotates on Tuesday and Friday. 343 Industries also said there should be more total items offered in the shop throughout the season than previously.

The Aquahex Bundle features two full armor sets and five weapon skins.
The Aquahex Bundle features two full armor sets and five weapon skins.

Another big change is the addition of a super bundle, which wraps together a bunch of cosmetics and offers the whole package at a discount. The first will be the Aquahex bundle, which features full armor sets for the two armor cores, Mirage IIC and Mark VII, in addition to five weapon skins. The bundle will cost 2,200 Credits, but is only available during week one and three of the season. After that, the items will be split up and cost more to purchase.

On the free side of things, 343 Industries is adding five new armor coatings that work with every armor core in the game; Red Steel, Blue Steel, Green Steel, Olive Cadet, and Red Cadet. This season will also feature two new armor cores that will be free to get, Mirage IIC and Chimera, the latter of which will be included in the Fracture: Firewall event, which starts on March 21.

Season 3: Echoes Within launches on March 7 and 343 Industries has released a helpful map to let players know what time it launches in their region.

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