Halo Infinite Season 2: Start Date & Time, New Modes, And Lone Wolves Battle Pass

Here's everything we know about Halo Infinite Season 2, which launches today.


New content for Halo Infinite is nearly here. Halo Infinite Season 2 officially launches later today in just a matter of hours, and that means we'll finally see new maps, modes, a battle pass, and more to help revitalize the shooter. After a lengthy debut season, 343 Industries has revealed much or all of what players can expect to find in the new season, which is titled "Lone Wolves," and confirmed exactly what time the new season launches. Read on for all the details on when you can start playing the new content and what to expect.

When does Halo Infinite Season 2 start?

Halo Infinite Season 2 launches on Tuesday, May 3 at 11 AM PT on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. That'll come with a likely large update, a brand-new battle pass, and a shop refresh that should contain brand-new cosmetic items for Spartans, their titles, vehicles, and more. Season 2 will be fairly lengthy again, with Season 3 not set to begin until November.

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Season 2 launch times

  • 11 AM PT
  • 2 PM ET
  • 7 PM BST
  • 4 AM AET (May 4)

Season 1 was very much a period of 343 finding its footing in the live-service era that had changed drastically since the last new Halo game released. In Season 2, many players will be expecting sizeable changes for the better regarding the variety of battle pass rewards, the rate of XP earnings, and more. To its credit, 343 has already worked to improve these areas and more throughout Season 1 by way of numerous patches.

What's new in Halo Infinite Season 2?

Across two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, alongside new modes, Halo Infinite Season 2 will launch on May 3, kicking off a six-month season. In the trailer above, a Warthog barrels across a gap where down below a fiery hellpit awaits all slowpokes on what is certainly one of the two new maps. While we didn't spot any new guns in this trailer, creative lead Joseph Staten stressed that it's only a teaser and we should expect more surprises in-season.

Perhaps the most notable tease of them all is the dust storm that seems to be closing fast around players in one particular sequence at the end of the trailer. Rumors have suggested a "battle royale-lite" mode would be on the way, and this teaser seems to suggest the same, with an ever-encroaching circle dwindling the map size of what is probably a Big Team Battle map. That mode, Last Spartan Standing, is joined by others new to the game in Season 2, including King of the Hill, Land Grab, and Elimination.

343 has announced that it's focused on working on its anti-cheat system, and it's something it plans on updating as the game continues to be developed as a live service. The team also acknowledged that the ranked playlists are currently lacking and that it is working on improving them. Along with that, it was announced that 343 will start doing monthly updates called Drop Pods, in which it intends to resolve issues that may occur and add new content.

The team also recently shared news on the highly anticipated co-op mode, as well as the creative suite, Forge. It was announced in a Halo Livestream that co-op is looking on track to release in late August, but it could be pushed back if needed. We also got news on Forge mode, including that it will launch in open beta. It will be the full feature set, however, according to 343. When Forge is fully released, everything players have made will carry over. It was also announced that mission replay will be coming out in September for players who wish to go back and relive the campaign.

What's in the Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass?

343 isn't ready to share all of the battle pass rewards just yet, but the first official artwork shows off several new gear items for Spartans. this includes vibrant new helmets, armor kits, and weapon skins, all falling under the theme of "Lone Wolves," which is a reference to the series' free-for-all mode. This battle pass will likely be heavily scrutinized, for better or worse, by the Halo community. Many players found cosmetic rewards in Season 1 to be lacking, but the cover art heroes for Season 2 suggest a more impressive color palette is on the way.

As we learn of more battle pass rewards, we'll be sure to share them all piece by piece to help you decide if the optional premium battle pass is worth your time and money.

Halo Infinite Season 2 storyline

More news was finally shared on the story that'll be taking place alongside Season 2: Lone Wolves. The season will focus on Spartans Sigrid Eklund and Hiseu Dinh, who are deep behind enemy lines and trying to bring something "interesting and dangerous" back to the academy. A brief cinematic trailer was shown to set the tone for Season 2.

The cinematic trailer shown off will roll right into Season 2 and play a part in the seasonal narrative players will have going forward as a part of a "serial story" that'll be told throughout the seasons. Akin to Halo Reach, your spartan will be at the forefront of the story and will appear in cutscenes wearing whatever armor you have equipped.

Curiously, the most recent Halo dev stream was "interrupted" by a strange cinematic with no explanation as to what it was or how it would tie into the overall story. We'll have to wait and see how this scene fits the bigger picture.

Halo Infinite Season 2 debuts on May 3 for Xbox platforms and PC.

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