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Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Trailer Shows Off What's Coming Next

The new season kicks off on May 3 and promises new maps, modes, cosmetics, and more.


Halo Infinite's Season 2: Lone Wolves is coming soon, and 343 Industries has released a new trailer for it that offers a glimpse of what to expect when it arrives May 3.

This includes new maps for Arena and BTB, as well as more modes like the battle royale-style Last Spartan Standing. Players are also getting a new battle pass, and like all Halo Infinite battle passes, it will never expire, so players don't need to rush to complete it before the end of a given season.

According to Halo community director Brian Jarrard, nearly everything on display in the Season 2 is included with the new battle pass either by spending money or grinding. In addition, there will be new items added to the shop and more free event passes throughout Season 2.

Halo Infinite's delayed campaign co-op feature is coming sometime during Season 2, but it won't be at launch. Another promised feature, Forge, will arrive during Season 3.

The Halo TV show, meanwhile, is currently in the middle of its first season. For more, check out GameSpot's breakdown of the 11 easter eggs and other references you might have missed from Halo Episode 3.

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