Halo Infinite Reveals First Look At Multiplayer Armor Skin

Here's our first peek at what the Spartans will look like in Halo Infinite multiplayer.


Halo Infinite is due to launch on Xbox Series X, S, PC, and Xbox One in 2021, but so far we haven't seen anything from the game's multiplayer. We know that it will be free to play and run at 120FPS, but so far 343 Industries has not shown footage or revealed any of the modes we can expect. However, we've now had a glimpse at an armor render from the upcoming game.

In the latest Halo Waypoint update, 343 Industries has revealed a new render for an armor coating in Halo Infinite. This is the Mark VII Mjolnir armor, and while it could change before release, this is how it looks right now at this stage of development.

In its current form, it looks like a brand-new suit--perhaps the final version will feature some scuffs. Here's a first look at one of the Spartans you're probably going to kill (or be killed by) at some point online.

Halo Infinite Mark VII Mjolnir armor
Halo Infinite Mark VII Mjolnir armor

We've seen concept art for some new character designs for Infinite, but this is the first proper render of a multiplayer character we've seen.

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Halo Infinite was originally expected to release this holiday as a launch title for the Xbox Series X, but, due in part to complications related to COVID-19 and working from home, Microsoft shifted the release date to 2021. Despite what you might have read on the internet, Halo Infinite is not abandoning Xbox One or getting delayed again to 2022.

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