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Halo Infinite Ranked Tiers Explained: How Ranked Arena Works

Halo Infinite offers a complete competitive scene for players looking for tougher competition.


In Halo Infinite, the Ranked Arena is where the Spartan diehards go to compete with others who seek the best competition in the game. Like a lot of PvP games, Halo Infinite's ranked mode is best reserved for players who want to measure their skills and, hopefully, improve them over time. With several Halo Infinite ranked tiers to climb, as you'll be able to visualize precisely how you stack up to the broader Halo competitive scene. Here's everything you need to know about Halo Infinite ranked tiers.

Halo Infinite ranked tiers list

There are 31 total ranks to climb in Halo Infinite Ranked Arena, which might seem like a lot if you're new to competitive PvP, but it's a number that is on par with other games of this nature. 343 wants to give Halo's ranked tiers some nuance, and a tier list of this size helps separate the novices from the legendary Spartans. From bottom to the elusive tip-top, here's the Halo Infinite ranked tiers list:

  • Bronze I - VI
  • Silver I -VI
  • Gold I - VI
  • Platinum I - VI
  • Diamond I - VI
  • Onyx

Onyx is the only tier not to have sub-tiers within it, meaning it's reserved for only the most skilled players in the entire Halo Infinite scene. But don't worry, you'll usually only be pitted against players near your skill level, so don't expect to bump into Onyx players unless you're able to achieve something in the Diamond range.

Rage-quitting is frowned upon in ranked games, so you'll need to finish the fight.
Rage-quitting is frowned upon in ranked games, so you'll need to finish the fight.

How to improve rank in Halo Infinite

The answer to this question is really twofold. To earn any rank at all, you'll first want to complete 10 matches in Ranked Arena. The game uses your performance in this initial series to place you in a starting tier, but while you may not be stuck in Bronze right away, don't expect even the best players to land in Onyx so soon. The system will likely need more than this small handful of matches to place you among the elite few.

In order to improve your initial rank, it's rather simple: Get good. Really, with more eliminations, more points scored in games like Capture The Flag and Stockpile, and most importantly, more wins, you'll see your rank improve over time. One suggestion would be to play with a reliable group whose skills you trust and equate roughly to your own. That way, you won't be reliant upon random players who may bring any number of character flaws to the game, such as rage-quitting, team-killing, or just general tomfoolery.

With consistent and solid play, your hard work will be visualized through regularly improving ranks. Ranks will reset with the end of each season, and if Halo follows the path set by similar games before it, there may be cosmetic rewards to earn based on how high you climb the ranked tiers. For now, we have only the first season's May 2022 end date to go by. We'll have to wait and see if such rewards are revealed later this season.

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