Halo Infinite Players Ask For A Cross-Play Toggle As Cheating Ramps Up

Frustrated fans are asking for a cross-play toggle to avoid cheaters on PC.


Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta is out now, and it's being received positively by fans, but it isn't completely without its issues. Players are reporting instances of cheating and hacking, specifically on PC, prompting some users to call on developer 343 Industries to offer a cross-play toggle.

Videos and other forms of documentation regarding cheating and hacking in Halo Infinite have sprung up on Reddit, Twitter, and other places. The Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account found more than a dozen stores selling cheats for Halo Infinite.

Currently, there is no way to turn off cross-play in Halo Infinite's social modes. Cheats and hacks seems to be more widespread on PC, and as a result, players are asking 343 to introduce a cross-play toggle so console players can more easily avoid cheaters.

According to The Verge, Halo Infinite uses a "server-side behavior-based system" to detect cheaters and remove them from the game as opposed to making use of third-party software like Easy Anti-Cheat or BattlEye.

Some amount of cheating is likely to always exist in a free-to-play multiplayer game like Halo Infinite, but it remains to be seen what 343 may do to prevent it. Developers don't often reveal much about their anti-cheat plans, because doing so could give would-be cheaters/hackers a tip-off.

We'll report back with more information as it's made available.

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