Halo Infinite Player Beats Game On Legendary Without Ever Shooting A Gun

Watch a Halo speedrunner trade in guns for grappleshots in this impressive (and bewildering) video.


Since the original Halo hit shelves back in 2001, the series has been all but synonymous with the first-person shooter genre, which raises a pretty interesting question: what would Halo be like without all the frenetic firefights and diverse guns? Turns out, the answer is still "fun as hell."

Earlier this month, a Halo speedrunner named Tom shared a highlight reel on his YouTube channel, Simply & Slick, showcasing him beating Halo Infinite on the game's highest difficulty without firing so much as a single bullet. While the entire campaign took Tom about four hours to complete, he managed to condense the experience into an impressive half-hour long video, filled with jaw-dropping moments.

So, how did he manage to do it? A whole lot of energy swords, gravity hammers, grappleshots, and energy coils. Tom also allowed himself to utilize glitches as long as they were ones inherent in the game, meaning mods of any kind were a strict no-no. Much of his technique for beating the game relied upon using the grappleshot's ability to latch onto the game's explosive coils, allowing him to launch himself across large distances and avoid enemy encounters. At one point, Tom even managed to hijack a Pelican that ultimately allowed him to skip nearly half the game.

According to Kotaku, the outlet that originally reported on Tom's impressive achievement, he initially intended to "take the pistol all the way to the end" and forgo picking up the game's powerful melee weapons. However, it ultimately proved impossible given the intense difficulty and the nature of some of the game's bosses.

Throughout his run, Tom says he died around 100 times, with 50 of them being during the game's final boss. Despite that, he still managed to finish his gunless playthrough in under four hours. While this might seem lightning-fast, Tom says he actually boasts an even more impressive time for beating the game: 37 minutes and 46 seconds. At nearly half the time of the current record time for beating Halo Infinite--an hour and four minutes--Tom could potentially set a record if he were to submit a video of the run to official record-keepers. However, Tom was unfortunately unable to capture footage of the run, with a screenshot of his final time being the only proof of his accomplishment.

Following his gunless run, Tom says a "punch-only" playthrough with all skulls (difficulty modifiers) on is his next self-imposed challenge.

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