Halo Infinite PC, Audio Details Coming Next

After revealing details on Zeta Halo, Microsoft will return with more news about Halo Infinite's PC version and its audio.


Microsoft's Halo developer 343 Industries just released a ton of details about Halo Infinite's Zeta Halo setting, but what will the studio showcase next?

In a blog post, 343 said it will divulge more details on Halo Infinite's audio in March and then reveal more details about Halo Infinite's PC edition in April.

These showcases are part of 343's Inside Infinite series. Previous entries in the series have focused on the game's art, graphics, and sandbox elements like the new Grappleshot.

While the March edition of Inside Infinite will properly discuss Halo Infinite's audio, the studio has been teasing the sounds of Halo Infinite for years already with its Sound Design Saturday series on social media. As part of this, 343 released videos of its audio team blowing stuff up, firing all kinds of weapons, and revving up the Breaking Bad car for sounds in Halo Infinite. We also learned that one developer's adorable little dog will be featured in the game.

In terms of the PC edition of Halo Infinite, 343 previous said the game would be "first class."

"PC as a platform is not going to be a port after we launch the game," designer Quinn DelHoyo said. "We are playing on PC every day. So now, not only does our game need to feel great and like Halo on a controller like it has natively for the past 20-some-years, the game and all of its systems need to take into account native mouse and keyboard functionality."

As for what you can read about right now, 343's latest deep dive focused on Zeta Halo, the setting of Halo Infinite's campaign. 343 also released a series of stunning screenshots from Halo Infinite that showcase how much the game's visuals have improved.

Halo Infinite will release in Fall 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and it's included with Game Pass. The multiplayer element will be completely free-to-play.

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