Halo Infinite Patch Notes: Bug Sees Attrition On Bazaar Removed From Quick Play

King of the Hill and the new Catalyst map will also appear more often in Ranked Arena.


An update released alongside Halo Infinite's new Fracture: Entrenched event has brought some minor changes to various multiplayer playlists.

As detailed in the official patch notes, a bug is the reason for 343 Industries pulling the Attrition game mode on the Bazaar map out of the Quick Play and Bot Bootcamp playlists.

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"We removed Attrition from Bazaar due [to] an edge-case bug where reviving players in the vents would push them out of the world and stalemate the match," the patch notes read. Attrition on the new Catalyst map will replace it for the time being in Quick Play.

Other playlist changes as part of the update is the removal of Rocket Oddball from Rumble Pit, which 343 states "wasn't playing well," and the removal of several Free-For-All Slayer maps from the playlist "to increase chances of playing the other modes in the playlist."

In addition, King of the Hill and the Catalyst map introduced as part of Season 2 will now appear "a little bit more frequently" in Ranked Arena. The full patch notes for the update are below, and no download is required for the changes.

Halo Infinite recently received its Season 2 Lone Wolves content, which included two new maps, the battle royale-like Last Spartan Standing mode, and a new battle pass. This latest playlist update coincides with the game's new free event, Fracture: Entrenched. Similar to Season 1's Fracture: Tenrai event, players jumping into the Entrenched event will be able to complete challenges in a new limited-time event playlist in order to unlock a new armor core and various cosmetics.

Halo Infinite May 24 Patch Notes

The following changes were made in the May 24, 2022 Playlist Update. No download is needed to receive these changes.

Quick Play & Bot Bootcamp

  • Attrition on Bazaar has been removed from both playlists.
  • Attrition on Catalyst has been added to Quick Play.

Developer Notes: We removed Attrition from Bazaar due an edge-case bug where reviving players in the vents would push them out of the world and stalemate the match. We've removed this map and mode combination from both playlists and added Attrition on Catalyst in Quick Play to keep the same amount of map variety with the mode. Once we can get a more permanent solution in place to solve the bug we'll look to Attrition returning on more maps.

Rumble Pit

  • Rocket Oddball has been removed.
  • FFA Slayer will appear less often and on fewer maps.

Developer Notes: We'd received some feedback that players wanted a little more social variety in there and that Rocket Oddball wasn't playing well and generally ending on time. We've removed Rocket Oddball from the playlist and removed a couple maps from FFA Slayer to increase chances of playing the other modes in the playlist.

Ranked Arena

  • King of the Hill and Catalyst will both appear more often.

Developer Notes: The ranked playlist weighting is tuned around trying to get a more balanced distribution of the five modes, but we received feedback this was having a negative impact on players getting to play the new S2 content (King of the Hill & Catalyst). We've adjusted the weighting a bit so players should see the newer content a little bit more frequently while still a bit more balanced.

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