Halo Infinite News Coming This Summer, As Dev Teases Beta Plans

Halo Infinite is now almost at the "shutdown and polish phase."


Halo fans may not have much longer to wait to learn more about Halo Infinite, as Microsoft boss Joseph Staten has teased "glorious" plans for a big reveal this summer.

In a blog post, Staten said he understands people might be growing tired of 343's lengthy blog posts about Halo Infinite and instead want to see some new footage. Thankfully, this might be right around the corner. "The great news is that Summer i.e., game industry event season, is just around the corner--and there are glorious plans afoot," he teased.

Microsoft is an official partner for E3 2021's new digital show, so it might be that this Halo Infinite showcase happens there. It could also take place elsewhere. Whatever the case, summer is quickly approaching so we should know more soon.

Staten also confirmed in the blog post that Halo Infinite is now in the "shutdown and polish phase," which sounds like it might be one of the final stages of the game's development.

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"I wish all of you could see the incredible work that I have the privilege of playing every day. The same, intense commitment to making a game that you, Halo's most ardent fans, will love to play, exists all across the team," Staten said.

New Multiplayer Sounds

The blog post, which mainly focused on Halo Infinite's PC features, also included a quote from multiplayer designer Patrick Wren. He also alluded to how Halo Infinite's development is coming to a close, at least on the launch content, going on to tease some new sounds for the multiplayer mode. Wren also teased that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will have an announcer--Jeff Steitzer is returning--as well as Spartan chatter, and something else that was redacted from the blog post.

"During this part of development, every little detail really comes together. I have been working closely with our Audio and FX teams making sure all the multiplayer game mode events shine. When you capture a Flag in Halo Infinite, everyone will know, and it will be an amazing feeling," Wren said. "We are using Sound and FX to give vital information in new ways to allow players to make more impactful decisions in a match. I am also working very closely with Audio tuning our VO systems to be the best yet. I am making sure our Announcer, Spartan Chatter, and [Redacted] all work in tandem to deliver a super clear, but also immersive experience. You can see the promise of all these details throughout development but now it really starts to become greater than the sum of its parts."

Beta Tests Coming

Halo live producer Sam Hanshaw said in the blog post that 343 is currently holding beta tests for Halo Infinite with a "very small external group representing a variety of backgrounds." Hanshaw said it's been a delight to watch people from outside the studio play Halo Infinite for the first time. Hanshaw also teased that Halo Infinite public beta tests might be coming, so you should update your Halo Insider profile.

Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite multiplayer

"The feedback we've been getting has been heartening in many areas, and impactful in others. Seeing a turnaround in opinion based on changes is truly gratifying. Rest assured, now that we've gotten our feet wet over the last couple of months, we're progressing towards expanding playtesting opportunities as soon as we can, so keep those Halo Insider profiles updated!"

In January, a report said Microsoft was actively drafting plans for a Halo Infinite beta test, or a "flight" in the Halo parlance. The Halo Inside program is free and open to everyone, so players should create or update their profile if they want to get in when it releases.

After a delay, Halo Infinite will release this holiday for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It's included on Game Pass, while the multiplayer element is free-to-play.

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