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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Coming On Launch Day, Despite Rumors

Rumors of Halo Infinite only launching with the campaign are not true, 343 Industries says.


Shortly after Halo Infinite was demonstrated on July 23 at the Xbox Series X games event, a rumor began circulating that the multiplayer portion wouldn't be ready for launch this holiday. However, it was just that: a rumor. A 343 employee has cleared things up, and you won't be limited to the campaign when the game releases.

Replying to a thread on Twitter, 343 community manager Brian Jarrard assured players that the multiplayer would indeed ship with the single-player campaign that was showcased during the Xbox event.

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We only saw the campaign when the game was demonstrated during the Xbox Series X event, but Microsoft promised that multiplayer footage would be coming further down the line. We do know that Infinite will offer four-player split-screen support and that the grappling hook will function as a pickup in multiplayer. However, for the campaign mode, the split-screen mode will only support two players. Four players will still be able to play cooperatively online.

Halo Infinite will be the first main game in the series since Halo 5: Guardians five years earlier, and 343 Industries created the new Slipspace engine to power it. The game received some criticism after its showing for some questionable visuals, particularly with the environments and enemy designs, but Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg clarified that these could be improved significantly before it releases.

343 Industries is aiming for the Halo ring in Halo Infinite to offer the same sense of scale and wonder as the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Its world is bigger than the last two Halo games combined, and it's planned as the foundation for the next decade of Halo instead of releasing numbered sequels.

Halo Infinite launches this holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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