Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Leak Includes Never-Before-Seen Weapons

New weapons like the Disruptor and the Cindershot have leaked as part of the latest Halo Infinite technical preview.


Halo Infinite's second multiplayer technical preview is currently live, and it didn't take long for players to discover new weapons that had been previously undisclosed.

Tucked away in a custom game settings menu is what appears to be the full list of Halo Infinite weapons. There are 22 in total, and the list includes never-before-seen weapons called the Disruptor and Cindershot.

Some players have managed to enable custom games in the preview build, allowing them to take the new weapons, and a few returning favorites, for a test spin. From gameplay footage of the weapons in action (which can be seen above), the Disruptor looks to be an electricity-based sidearm, while the Cindershot appears to be a Forerunner-type weapon that can fire bouncing, explosive balls of energy.

Returning to the series in Halo Infinite is the Hydra, a grenade launcher that made its debut in Halo 5, and the Sentinel Beam, which was first introduced in Halo 2. Each work about how you would expect from previous games, though both sport a slightly-new look. Though previously announced, players are getting their first chance to try out the game's Energy Sword, which functions largely the same as in earlier games, and the Mangler, which was featured in Halo Infinite's debut campaign footage. This new build of Halo Infinite also includes a new weapon called the Shock Rifle, which developer 343 Industries highlighted in a stream prior to the technical preview's launch.

Halo Infinite's second multiplayer preview is currently playable, but matchmaking will only be working during certain four-hour windows each day September 24-26. Another testing period will be coming September 30 through October 4, during which players will get the chance to go hands-on with Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle mode for the first time. The mode features larger maps with a focus on vehicle play, and will also introduce sub-objectives in the form of loot caves. Those looking to participate in the Halo Infinite tests should sign up to become a Halo Insider. After an over year-long delay, Halo Infinite's campaign and its free-to-play multiplayer will finally be arriving December 8.

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