Halo Infinite Match Stats Now Available Via Halo Waypoint Website And Mobile App

Players can now view their post-game carnage report to see how they performed in matches dating all the way back to launch.


Halo Infinite players now have another way to track their game history and statistics in the multiplayer shooter. The Halo Waypoint website and mobile app have been updated to include game history and post-game carnage reports to help players see their match statistics.

Game History lets players see all previous matches they've played online, dating back to when Halo Infinite's multiplayer launched in November 2021. From within Game History, players can get a look at their post-game carnage report to see more granular stats like kills, accuracy, medals, and more.

What the PCGR looks like
What the PCGR looks like

For Ranked matches, the post-game carnage report will display how your competitive skill rank (CSR) moved up or down depending on how the match played out.

Halo Infinite stat-tracking was previously available through Halo Tracker, but this is the first official stat-tracking integration on Microsoft's own platforms.

"We're excited to continue supporting Halo Infinite and Halo Waypoint experiences across the board, and today’s update is another step on that great journey," 343 said in a blog post.

To see your own stats, head to Halo Waypoint or download the mobile app via the links below.

Halo Infinite's third multiplayer season, which is set to introduce new maps, weapons, and more, was recently delayed to March 2023. 343 recently made the decision to cut the game's previously promised splitscreen co-op feature, saying it needed to reallocate its priorities.

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