Halo Infinite Is Finally Getting Match XP, Here's How It Works

343 gives more details on what to expect for the Winter Update.


343 Industries has revealed more details on how the new XP system will work in Halo Infinite going forward. The new XP system will be a part of the Winter Update that's scheduled for November 8 and will introduce other new features such as co-op, Forge, a free battle pass, and more.

A Halo Waypoint blog explained that players will be rewarded for playing any mode they pick, and their performances in-game will dictate how much XP will be earned. Match XP will consist of the following:

  • Completing Matches
  • Match Performance - If your team wins, placement at the end of a match, etc.

343 then went on to explain that the match XP system is being called a beta because they plan on "monitoring the values for each reward category, adjusting them as we move forwards with this new model."

In addition to giving more details on the match XP, more information was given on the changes happening to Challenges and Ultimate Rewards. Players will still earn XP for completing challenges, but they will be primarily used for unlocking new items via Ultimate Rewards. Listed below are the other changes happening with Challenges and Ultimate Rewards:

  • Players only need to complete ten instead of twenty challenges to complete the Ultimate Challenge
  • Challenges can be completed in any playlist
  • Challenges will be more general

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